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Age of Buildings & Building Components

Air Cleaners & Filters

Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Allergens In & Around Buildings

Animal Hazards & Animal Pests In & Around Buildings




Bathroom Design & Fixtures, Accessibility, Codes

Chimneys, Flues & Vents, also Draft Regulators & Barometric Dampers

Coal stoves & Coal-Burning Fireplaces


Damage Assessment of Buildings, Structures & Building Components & Mechanical Systems

Deck Construction, Inspection, Codes, Repairs

Definitions of Building Terms

Ducts, Air ducts, Ductwork

Electrical Systems: Codes, Wiring, Inspection, Repair

Energy Savings in Buildings & Building Heating, Cooling, Ventilation or Other Mechanicals

Environmen: Building Environmental Contaminants, Hazards, Inspections, Tests

Exteriors of Buildings

Fiberglass & Fiberglass Insulation Properties, Hazards

Fire Safety, Buildings

Flashing, Building Flashings at all Locations & Applications

Flooring, Choices, Materials, Installation, Inspection, Repair, Tests

Forensic Methods for Building Condition & Building Environment Investigation & Testing

FPE Stab-Lok Federal Pacific Electric Panel & Circuit Breaker Hazards

Gas Piping, Controls, Appliances, Fixtures

Gases In & Around Buildings, Environmental & Safety Hazards

Gutters & Leaders, Roof Drainage Systems

Heating Systems

Heating Systems, Boilers, Hydronic, Hot Water

Heating Systems, Electric Heat

Heating Systems, Furnaces, Forced Air or Gravity Warm Air Heat

Heating Systems, Radiant Heat

Heating Radiators

Heating Systems, Steam Heat

Home Inspection Methods, Classes, Tools, Standards, Ethics

Indoor Air Quality IAQ

Insects & Insect Pests In & Around Buildings


Interiors of Buildings

Kitchen Design & Fixtures, Accessibility, Codes

Lighting Design, Choices, Codes, Installation, Repair In & Around Buildings

Lightning Strike Protection Systems: Install, Inspect, Repair

Mexico Topics

Mobile Homes, Doublewides, Trailers, Manufactured Housing Inspection, Repair, Codes

Moisture & Humidity Problems in Buildings

Mold Contaimination & Hazards: Inspect, Test, Remove, Prevent In & On Buildings & Building Contents