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Intertherm water heater data tag indicates heater age

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Life expectancy of an Intertherm water heater:

Tthis article describes how to read the data tag and de-code its numbers to determine the age of an Intertherm water heater. We show typical water heater data tag model and serial number formats and note where in that information the year or week or month and year are encoded.

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How to De-Code the Data Tag on an Inter-Therm Water Heater - Age Determination

Intertherm Water Heater Age Decoding Guide

Query: Hi, can you tell me the date an Intertherm water heater was made?

Model #IHMS960E4 - Serial #K07433029 

Reply: best guess 1974

From the serial number, look at the first four digits of the serial number KO 74 - where the format is MM YY for the production month and year. Most likely this unit was made in 1974.

Another example, using Inter therm model #HE40-240SH and the Serial # 078318181 we would decode the date of manufacture as MM YY in the first four digits or July 1983.

A third Intertherm water heater decoding example using digits 3-4 as production month and digits 5-6 as production year we would decode Serial # AB039912345 as having been produced in March 1999.

Also see Rheem water heater de-coding data.

Intertherm currently produces air conditioners, heat pumps, and packaged systems that provide combined heating and cooling.

For Intertherm compatible water heater parts, installation instructions, and new equipment see Rheem equipment or see Arco Refrigeration or Arco Distributing 101 Arco Drive Saint Charles, MO 63303, Tel: 800.438.2720, Website:

See Intertherm Heating and Cooling.

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