Photograph of a contractor pointing out wall leaks at an air conditioner..How to Prevent Mold in buildings

  • MOLD PREVENTION GUIDE - CONTENTS: How to prevent mold in buildings. Discussion of each major topic in mold prevention: How to prevent attic condensation & mold, How building leaks cause mold, Building vapor barrier or insulation problems cause mold, Heating & air conditioning systems, ductwork, & mold causation, Air purifiers & mold advice
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How to prevent bulding mold contamination:

This document which explains how to prevent mold contamination or mold growth in buildings, is a section of our Mold Action Plan which provides an easy to understand step-by-step guide for dealing with toxic or allergenic indoor mold and other indoor contaminants: what to do about mold.

The steps in this document and its accompanying articles will be sufficient for many building owners who want to do their own mold investigation, mold testing, mold cleanup, and mold prevention in their home or office. Extensive, technically detailed in-depth articles are also organized at our Mold Information Center.

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How to Prevent Building Mold Contamination, Correct the Causes of Mold and Prevent Indoor Mold or other indoor environment problems

Photograph of plumbing leaks into a basement ceiling.There is no point in "cleaning up" or "removing" mold if the underlying causes of a mold problem are not also addressed. Unless the causes, such as leaks or high moisture are corrected, mold will simply recur. Band-Aid approaches like trying to "kill" or "prevent" mold by using chemical sprays, coatings, or air cleaners are insufficient and ineffective at preventing future mold and in some cases (such as ozone) these approaches create their own hazards.

The following articles discuss measures which will substantially reduce the risk of mold growth in buildings. Don't miss Mold-Resistant Building Practices.

In the photo the contractor is pointing out to the owner that wind-blown rain running down the building's wall will enter the wall cavity at the air conditioner penetration because of improper installation and sealing there. Inside we found that the wall cavity was wet and moldy. Proper installation and sealing at building wall and roof penetrations such as roof vents, windows, doors, and trim can prevent many building leaks which in turn reduces the chances of a future mold problem.

The photograph shows a double problem with this wood shingle exterior wall: shingles are improperly installed and falling off of the home, inviting water to enter the wall structure. Because there is no roof overhang or eaves, and not even a gutter on the home, roof runoff runs right down this wall.

The photograph shows extensive staining from protracted plumbing leaks in a house that was left unattended. The result was extensive basement mold requiring demolition and cleaning of large area of the home.

Building Mold Contamination Prevention Articles


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