Hot tub plastic valve jammed, drain valve OK (C) Daniel Friedman Hot Tub, Spa, Whirlpool Bath Inspection
Inspection Checklist & common hazards /defects at Spas / Hot Tubs & Whirlpool Baths

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Hot tub & spa or whirlpool bath inspection checklist & guide:

Hot tub or spa checklist & illustration of common defects & safety hazards. This article describes common problems found when inspecting a hot tub or spa.

This article series describes the use, operation, maintenance as well as common problems, troubleshooting, & repair suggestions for hot tubs, spas, and whirlpool baths. We discuss hot tub leaks, broken hot tub or spa jets, hot tub or spa water temperature & heater repair, hot tub or spa pump diagnosis & repair, hot tub or spa filter maintenance, cleaning & repair, noisy air pumps at hot tubs, noisy water pumps at the hot tub or spa, and other hot tub, spa or whirlpool bath diagnosis & repair topics. The hot tub shown at the top of thi spage was installed ca 1995 and is still in operation.

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Spa / Hot Tub Inspection Checklist, Safety Hazards, Leaks, Operating Defects

Spa repair, Minnesota (C) Daniel Friedman

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Using the hot tub installation shown in these photographs, and with a few tips from Chuck at Northland Spa Service (Duluth MN), we list the safety and operating defects that could be easily seen by casual inspection of this 20+ year-old hot tub installation.

Components & controls for a hot tub or spa or jetted tub (C) Daniel Friedman

Watch out: No single hot tub or spa inspection checklist is likely to be complete; the electrical system, water chemistry, tub access, slip and fall hazards and other conditions found at any hot tub or spa can include health, safety, and even fatal hazards.

Not one of the spa or hot tub safety checklists surveyed for this article seemed complete and the fact the items listed varied across checklists suggests that while functional, health and safety inspections of hot tub and spa installations are very important, the inspector is going to have to rely on education, experience, and attention to detail to do an acceptable job at reducing the risks of these installations.

Chuck's bottom line opinion was that the hot tub shown in this article series was beyond economical repair - at least not by a professional. He offered that comment after together we had observed the hot tub conditions listed here. Some of these are unsafe conditions, others indicate that any repair attempts on the system may involve extra cost, and still others suggest that a complete replacement of the hot tub and its equipment will also involve extra costs because of limited working space.

Missing ground and missing cover at hot tub wiring (C) Daniel Friedman

Exposed electrical splice at hot tub wiring (C) Daniel Friedman

Electrical controls too close to shower & controls (C) Daniel Friedman

Noisy hot tub air blower unit or bubbler (C) Daniel Friedman

Hot tub gel coat cracks mean leak are at risk (C) Daniel Friedman

Hot tub chemicals not out of reach of children (C) Daniel Friedman

Dry off the hot tub filter to check for leaks (C) Daniel Friedman

Hot tub or spa filter cartridge inspection & replacement (C) Daniel Friedman

Hot tub plastic valve jammed, drain valve OK (C) Daniel Friedman

Suspect plastic plumbing unions may leak during repairs (C) Daniel Friedman

Signs of leak at a hot tub or spa pump impeller assembly (C) Daniel Friedman

Hot tub temperature limit and thermeter are critical safety features (C) Daniel Friedman

Heat Wave II Hot tub / Spa Heater Control (C) Daniel Friedman

[Note: it may be possible for an experienced owner-technician-handyman to remove and repair the existing heater and its controls by working with care provided repair parts can even be found, and accepting the risks listed in this hot tub inspection list, but it was apparent that the hot tub professional was reluctant to tackle this ugly job and considered it not worthwhile.]

Hot tub heater unit reset switch and temperature control (C) Daniel Friedman

Above we see the temperature control or heat level (blue arrow) and the thermal overload reset button (red arrow). Below: a view of the beautiful-side of this antiquated hot tub installation.

Spa repair, Minnesota (C) Daniel Friedman

Inoperative vent system at indoor hot tub / spa installation (C) Daniel Friedman

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