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This article describes using a cycle stop valve or similar device as a cure for well pump short cycling - too frequent turning on and off of the water pump.

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Water Pressure Regulation and Well Pump Life Extension using Cycle-Stop Valves?

According to manufacturer Cycle-Stop Valves, Inc.

A Cycle Stop Valve or CSV is a simple device that drastically reduces the number of times a pump is cycled on and off. The Cycle Stop Valve can be used with very small pressure tanks and still double or triple the life of any pump or motor. The CSV controls the amount of water being pumped to exactly match the amount of water being used.

This means the CSV can be used with very small pressure tanks because there is no extra water being pumped to cause the tank to fill. Pumping more water than is being used is what causes the pump to cycle on and off repeatedly.

Cycling on and off repeatedly causes the pump, motor, controls, and bladder pressure tank to wear out prematurely.

The Cycle Stop Valve does this by supplying water for the home owner at a constant pressure.

Pressure in the house remains steady while a single shower is running. When additional water is needed for a second shower, washing machine, pressure washer, irrigation sprinkler, etc., the Cycle Stop Valve opens more to supply the extra water needed. The person in the shower will never see a change in pressure or be scalded by hot water when additional water is used elsewhere in the home.

In residential applications served by wells and pumps with modest water flow rates (under 10 gpm), when filling a bath tub or running multiple plumbing fixtures at once, the water flow in the building will exceed the pump's capacity, and the flow rate is limited to the pumping rate that the pump itself can provide. In such installations, we aren't sure that a Cycle-Stop valve will be of much benefit to the equipment.

The company describes residential applications at

and says that their valve will reduce the well pump on-off cycling rate.

But in applications served by a submersible well pump capable of higher pumping rates, and provided that the well flow rate also supports a higher water flow rate, the CSV may indeed be of benefit to consumers. We recommend that you discuss the details of your well and pump equipment with the company before ordering a product.

If your well pump is short cycling, before fixing the problem with a Cycle-stop type valve, be sure that you don't have a more serious underlying problem with the equipment - see WATER PUMP SHORT CYCLING [link just below] for details.


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