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This article lists significant water supply piping defects, definitions, and home inspection education topics.

This article series, beginning at BUILDING DEFECTS LISTS, provides lists of common building defects and basic defect knowledge that also outline recommended curriculum content for home inspector education. The building defects and inspection points listed in these articles also guide homeowners and home buyers to building areas that merit careful attention and often point areas of safety concern or important maintenance and repair tasks

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Home Inspection Education Curriculum - Plumbing, Supply

6.0   PLUMBING System Inspection Recommendations & Typical Defecs List

6.1   Supply Plumbing Inspection & Typical Defects

6.1.1 Knowledge Base for Inspecting Building Supply Piping Systems

1.    Describe the function of residential supply plumbing.

2.    Describe public and private supply systems.

3.    List the materials and components of public and private systems, including wells, pumps, pressure tanks, service piping, shut off valves, piping, isolating valves, hangers.

4.    Describe the features of  adequate installation and repair technique on supply plumbing systems.

5.    Define the following terms: (note- private well systems not required to be inspected, but nice to know, maybe delete well pump terms below?)

cross connection, static pressure, anti-siphon device, potable water, pressure, flow, volume, pressure loss due to friction, pressure loss due to elevation, pressure regulator, distribution piping, shallow well, deep well, foot valve, reciprocating (piston) pump, centrifugal pump, jet pump, submersible pump, foot valve, venturi, total head, suction head, discharge head,  pressure tank, globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, type M, L, K and DWV copper piping, flare fitting, dielectric union, water hammer, backflow, back siphonage, air gap.

6.    Outline the life expectancy of each common supply plumbing material.

7.    Identify the codes or standards which apply to public and private plumbing systems in your area.

6.1.2 Inspection skills for Inspecting Building Supply Piping Systems

1.    Describe the inspection procedure for supply plumbing systems.

2.    Identify the common defects listed on the next page.

3.    Describe the implications of each defect.

4.    Identify the safety issues for the inspector and occupant of the home (fall hazard re: wells, contaminated water causing illness)

5.    Communicate findings to client verbally and in writing, recommending corrective action when needed.


      WATER SUPPLY PUMPS, Typical Defects       PRESSURE REGULATORS, Typical Defects

• Damaged                                       • Leaking

• Excessive noise or vibration                  • Missing

• Frozen                                        • No bypass or relief valve

• Inoperative                                   • Poor location

• Leak                                          • Rust

• Lost prime                                    • Set wrong

• Overheating

• Running continuously              SUPPLY PIPING IN HOUSES, Typical Defects

• Rust

• Short cycling                     • Combustible piping ???

• Wiring problems                   • Cross connections

• Excess pressure

PRESSURE TANKS, Typical Defects     • Excessive noise

• Leak

• Condensation                      • Non-standard material

• Leaking                           • Poor pressure or flow

• Rust                              • Poor support

• Tank wobbling or unstable         • Rust

• Waterlogged                       • Split, damaged, crimped

• Suspect connections on polybutylene



SHUT OFF VALVES, Typical Defects

• Freezing

• Leaking                           • Damaged handle

• Low pressure                      • Exposed to mechanical damage

• Mechanical damage                 • Inoperable, inaccessible, buried

• Leaking

• Missing or cannot be located

• Partly closed

• Rusted

Readers should see PLUMBING SYSTEM INSPECT DIAGNOSE REPAIR for our complete list of articles on this topic. Also see HOME & BUILDING INSPECTORS & INSPECTION METHODS. Use the Search Box at the top or bottom of these pages to find in-depth information about building, energy savings, and indoor environment inspection, diagnosis and repair at this website. Watch out: these inspection lists do not list all possible defects for the systems discussed, and not all home or building inspectors will examine all of the items listed here. CONTACT us to suggest corrections or additions to articles at this website.

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