septic dye breakout at a basement entry from a failed septic system buried below a driveway during conduct of a septic loading and dye test
- an expert can find clues and perform tests that reduce risk of a costly surprise Warnings When Performing a Septic Loading & Dye Test

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Septic testing troubles and mistakes:

This article provides warnings and pitfalls facing people performing a Septic Loading and Dye Test.

We list a number of mistakes that the test consultant might make, resulting in septic system damage, dye spills, invalid septic test conclusions and other dangerous or costly errors.

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Septic DYE TEST Warnings: Don't Make These Serious Septic Inspection & Loading/Dye Test Mistakes

Where the septic dye was placed shows the problem (C) Daniel FriedmanAlthough septic system inspection & testing can often find a costly failure, unsafe conditions, or other improprieties, the procedures cannot find all possible septic system problems.

So by itself, that is without an expert visual inspection and possibly further investigation at the septic tank, D-box, and even the drainfields, a dye test is not indicative of complete condition of the system.

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On the other hand, experienced inspectors have found found so many failed septic systems with this septic loading and dye test procedure that it's well worth performing and it offers an inexpensive way to detect many expensive problems.

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