Bathroom ceiling vent fan, heater, light combination (C) Daniel FriedmanBathroom Ventilation Fan Energy Costs vs Savings
How installing & using a bathroom exhaust fan can save on building energy costs

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Bathroom exhaust fan energy costs versus savings:

This article explains how using a properly-installed bath vent fan can save on building energy costs. We also discuss air to air heat exchanging vent fan use. This article series on bath vent fan installation explains why bathroom vent fans are needed and describes good bath vent fan choices, necessary fan capacity, and good bath vent fan and vent-duct installation details.

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How Proper Bath Vent Fans Save Energy & Lower Heating Bills

Bath vent over shower (C) D FriedmanOur photo at page top illustrates location of a bathroom exhaust vent over the shower stall - a location chosen to maximize the effectiveness of exhaust of moisture during shower use.

We used a GFCI circuit to assure safety for anyone changing bulbs in this fixture. In additional photographs below we illustrate the duct routing for this bath exhaust.

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Sure, when a bath exhaust fan is running to remove unwanted excess moisture it is also removing warm air from the building.

But which do you think wastes more energy: the bath vent fan system shown at page top, venting outside through an insulated duct, or the box fan stuck in the window and blowing indoor air outside - shown at left?

Air to air heat exchangers and exhaust fans are available that can move air into or out of a building while keeping the heat (or cooling) indoors, but we suspect that such equipment is not cost-justified in a private residence.

An air to air heat exchanger ventilator may be very appropriate for a public building, large dormitory bathroom, or gymnasium.)

But using a properly vented bathroom vent fan wastes less heat than is lost by opening a bathroom window.

To remove the same amount of bathroom moisture as will be handled by a bath exhaust fan a window would need to be open considerably longer than the bath fan must be run.


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