LARGER  Photograph of Eaton Cutler Hammer Electric Retrofit Kit for Electrical Panel ReplacementCosts for Replacing Zinsco Electric Panels & Zinsco-Sylvania Electric Panels

  • ZINSCO REPLACEMENT PANEL COSTS - CONTENTS: What are the usual costs to replace an electrical Panel, FPE Stab-Lok, Zinsco, or Other Brand?How to electrical panel replacement costs vary across the United States? What factors affect the typical cost to replace an FPE Stab-Lok, Zinsco, or other Electrical Panel? Eaton Cutler Hammer replacement panel choices for Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok equipment. Sources for Replacement Zinsco electrical panels. Should you Use Replacement Zinsco, GTE-Sylvania, Kearney circuit breakers?
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Typical costs to replace a Zinsco, Kearney, or Sylvania-Zinsco electrical panel. Quotes & comments from licensed electricians. Electrical panel replacement costs vary considerably depending on geographic area of the location where the panel is to be replaced, panel size, location, access ability, and complexity of wiring to be removed and reconnected. Here are some figures.

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This document discusses the typical costs to replace an electrical panel. This is a chapter of our longer articles which describes how to replace Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Electric Panels or Zinsco / Zinsco-Sylvania Electric Panels in buildings.

Zinsco Sylvania Kearney Electrical Panel Replacement Cost: what is the typical cost of the traditional Zinsco Electrical Panel Replacement

Quotes From Electrical Contractors on Electric Panel Replacement

Quotes from electrical contractors on panel replacement by installing a complete, new, electrical panel, can be expected to vary by area of the country, hardware needed, replacement panel size in ampacity and number of circuits, accessibility to perform the work, and other factors that affect labor or materials.

That said, we've heard panel replacement costs ranging from $1,200. to $4,000 (April 2007, Northwestern United States). If you are surprised by the quotation you receive from your electrician, ask for the supporting details of the bid or ask for a bid from a competitor too. Shop expertise and workmanship not just price.

Basic equipment cost for replacement electrical panels of similar quality and price point, for just the electrical panel itself and its circuit breakers, is often less than $250.00. This price does not include the additional cost of labor and materials provided by a qualified, licensed electrician who makes sure that the electrical equipment is properly and safely installed.

Northeastern U.S.: Typically the installation of a new 100-Amp electrical pane in the Northeastern U.S. is around $1,200 to $1,500. (June 2006, Northeastern U.S.). This figure does not include the additional cost for a service panel (150A or 200A), extra labor, or materials for demolition and repair of a wall needed to address an electric panel which is already installed.

Southwestern U.S.: (Such as Dallas Fort Worth) Typically the installation of a new 100-Amp electrical pane in the Southwestern U.S. is around $1,200 to $2,100. (February 2008 Dallas Electrical Costs). A 150A or 200A electrical panel may cost up to $2400. from some installers.

Additional costs for replacement electrical panel installations: may be expected where there is difficulty of access, where demolition and wall repair are needed, where the electrical service is being upgraded to a larger ampacity than that of the panel being replaced, or where there are other special requirements. Typical factors affecting the cost of electrical repair and retrofit work are discussed in more detail just below.

The "Short Wire" problem and the Eaton Renovation Load Center: Electrical panel, FPE, Zinsco, or any other brand can be extra difficult when replacing the entire panel if only short lengths of wire are available in the old electrical box. Especially if the new electric panel is physically larger than the one being replaced, the original wires may not reach the circuit breakers in the new panel.

A product which might help when the entire loadcenter (what normal people call the "electric panel") is going to be replaced. is E-CH's "Renovation Loadcenters". The unique feature is that UL listed terminal blocks are provided in the enclosure as a means to terminate existing wires too short to reach the new panel's branch circuit breakers or neutral bus. A new wire can then be wired from the terminal block to the breaker or neutral.

This is a safer method than the twist-on connectors commonly used, or a separate terminal box, which takes up extra space. I do not discuss this approach further here but more information is available from Eaton Corp., Cutler Hammer Products or through your electrician and electrical supplier.

OPTION #1 RETROFIT KIT - Cost of Replacing a Zinsco Electric Panel using the E-CH Adjustable Retrofit Kit" discusses the costs of Zinsco panel replacement using Cutler Hammer's retrofit electrical panel kit.

This money-saving option is sometimes suitable, depending on the physical dimensions of the original electrical panel and the ampacity of the new service to be installed.

Factors Affecting the Cost of an Electrical Panel Replacement

Zinsco Electrical Panel Article Series


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