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Deck Design-Build Online Guide for How to Build a Deck or Porch

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Deck design-build online guide: this article series describes the steps in design & construction of exterior decks, deck railings, stairs & stair railings.

We include deck design advice, deck style choices, and descriptions of building both low or on-ground decks and higher and more complex deck structures. In a series of articles we explain how to design and build a deck beginning with a simple idea and some sketches.

Articles explain how to lay out the deck, how to build it square to the building, how to install the ledger board and how to build deck footings, piers, and posts. Following from the ground up we describe construction & installation of deck girders, framing and connecting deck joists, deck flashing at the building, and decking or deck floor installations. Steps in building deck railings or guardrails, stairs & stair rails are provided in detail.

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Deck Design & Build Guide - List of articles in this series

Pier installation details (C) Daniel FriedmanThe DIY deck design-build guide articles listed below are presented in a recommended reading-order for a complete coverage of the deck construction process.

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Of course you can simply jump directly to a sub-topic of particluar interest. Additional in-depth deck & porch construction information is provided at More Reading below.

Article Series Contents

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