Photograph of an FPE Stab-Lok® electrical panel label bottomReliance Electric Co. Press Release cites Product Defects, Improper Practices by Federal Pacific Electric Co.

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Reliance Electric Company Press Release Letter on FPE FPE Defects

From Reliance Electric Company
Date-Stamped July 7, 1980 Division of Product
Def....Compliance and Enforcement, CPSC [United States Consumer Product Safety Commission]

For more information contact:
Ricard B. Ainsworth, Jr.
(216) 266-5834

For release: Saturday, July 5, after 4 p.m.

Cleveland, Ohio -- Reliance Electric Company has notified the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that it is investigating a possible defect in the past production of the Stab-Lok® line of two-pole, 220 volt circuit breakers made by its recently acquired subsidiary, Federal Pacific Electric Company, headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.

It appears that Underwriters Laboratories labels for most of FPE's circuit breakers were obtained through improper practices, a Reliance spokesperson said. Reliance emphasized that current production of these breakers meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories tests.

An in-house test by Reliance indicated the possible defect. Reliance has retained Southwest Research Institute, an independent testing laboratory, to conduct further tests.

Reliance has also identified similar problems with some three- pole Stab-Lok® and molded case circuit breakers. Further testing on these breakers is being conducted. These type circuit breakers are used predominantly in commercial and industrial applications.

Reliance and Federal Pacific Electric will work with the CPSC in determining whether further action is required.

Although Reliance has not determined whether a significant hazard exists with regard to these devices, the company has stopped its shipments of the product in question and has requested that distributors stop further sales until tests are completed and evaluated.


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