Mobile home with bad roof (C) Daniel FriedmanHow to Inspect & Repair Mobile Home or Trailer Roofs

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How to Inspect the Roofs of Mobile Homes for Defects:

Detailed mobile home, doublewide, trailer roof inspection procedures, roof defect lists, references to mobile home roofing standards.

This article describes common sources of leaks and other problems with roofs used on doublewides, caravans, mobile homes & trailers.

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Guide to Trailer & Mobile Home ROOFING DEFECTS - Inspecting for Mobile Home Roofing Defects

Mobile home with bad roof (C) Daniel Friedman Mobile home with bad roof (C) Daniel Friedman

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Our photos above show leak-prone low-slope roofs on mobile homes. Behind the home at above right you can see that a steeper gabled roof has been added on that home - a roof less likely to be a source of chronic leaks.

Doublewide roof leak risk points (C) D Friedman S Vermilye


Ver.4.0 - 04/25/07, 08/15/2012 - Steve Vermilye, New Paltz NY and Daniel Friedman, Poughkeepsie NY, Hudson Valley ASHI Chapter Seminar, Newburgh NY, January 4, 2000, NY Metro ASHI Fall 99 Seminar, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, White Plains NY, October 2, 1999. Our photo at page top shows inspector Steve Vermilye on a double-wide trailer roof shows areas of ponding and a history of tar patching - Ulster County New York.

Low slope mobile home roofs (above left) are at risk of leaks in part because of their slower drainage rate and due to sagging with age.

Our photo at left illustrates reliance on roofing mastic to seal a water heater vent that is itself partly blocked - a double hazard.



Mobile home roof tar on exterior walls (C) Daniel Friedman

Our photo at left shows tar spills on the side of a mobile home whose roof was coated in attempts to stop leaking.

Our photo below shows six mobile home or doublewide home roofs that demonstrate a variety of materials and venting approaches. (Sorry for the big (C) mark.)

Mobile home roof covered with roll roofing (C) Daniel Friedman

Watch out: At ROOFING INSPECTION & REPAIR we provide a series of detailed articles about building roof selection, installation, inspection, troubleshooting and repair.

But an additional roof inspection limitation for mobile homes is that some home roofs are not constructed to tolerate foot traffic without damage or bending or sagging - don't walk on fragile roof surfaces.

Mobile home roof covered with roll roofing (C) Daniel Friedman Mobile home roof covered with roll roofing (C) Daniel Friedman
Static caravan roof with several leak or heating concerns (C) D Friedman S Vermilye

Our photo at above left illustrates mineral granule coated roll roofing overlaid on a mobile home roof.

At above right is a roof detail presenting a high risk of leakage - this hole was found by Steve Vermilye while walking the roof shown at the top of this page. It would not have been evident even from a ladder-at-roof-edge inspection.

Our photo at left shows a low sloped no-eaves roof over a static caravan. In addition to a clue that roof spillage has annoyed people enterin and exiting at the home's doorway, notic that there are three roof penetrations, all with leak and safety and operating concerns: rus, flashing, tar-repairs, and missing chimney cap.

It is always best to inspect a roof from "up close" even if roof conditions mean the roof should not be walked-on. But if the roof is not directly accessible for any reason, every safe reasonable effort should be made to obtain view and inspection.

Structural Properties & Components of Mobile Home or Caravan Roofs

Older mobile homes (C) Daniel Friedman[in process] Contact Us to suggest photos or content

Watch out: in deep snow zones, earthquake and high wind zones special tie-downs and other roof structural and home stability connectors and measures are required.

Reade Question: roof is crooked and doors won't shut in cold weather

(Feb 13, 2014) Re-Posted with space after periods in the text: (3 hours ago) Joseph Matteini said:

It has been very cold 0 degrees plus or minus for a month. My enclosed front porch has sliding windows. slanting roof. The roof is higher on the left side above the doorway,making the door notshut evenly. The differencene is one inch. This is also starting on the inside door to the home. This has never happened before.This is an open porch of redwood and steps before the porch. It is an 1985 mobie home. HELP!


Without seeing the actual home or sharp diagnostic photos I can only guess that you have either

1. a sagging roof in danger of collapse - THIS IS UNSAFE and needs prompt attention; if this is the case you may need someone to rake snow off of the porch roof as well as to inspect for damage to the structure. We don't want the porch roof to fall in on you

2. A second possibility is that the roof structure has not sagged and begun to collapse but instead frost heaves have pushed up one end of the porch foundation. The hazards if this is the case are more subtle: there could be hidden damage to the floor structure - another collapse risk, or there may be just a trip hazard due to a sloped floor.

If the floor to the porch is level and has not changed, but the roof slope has changed then my first guess is more likely correct.

Watch out: doors that don't open or shut can be unsafe - you can be trapped in the event of a fire

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