Photograph of water pressure gauge Water Tank Pressure Gauges, Location, Installation, Use, Repair
Use a water pressure gauge to measure or monitor building water pressure or to adjust water pressure

  • WATER TANK PRESSURE GAUGE - CONTENTS: Water tank pressure gauges, how to find, repair, use water pressure gauges on private wells and water tanks. How to repair or replace a broken or clogged water pressure gauge. How to use the water pressure gauge to diagnose well and pump problems: leaks, lost pressure, short cycling well pump, bad water pressure in the building, bad check valve or foot valve - yep, this gauge can help debug several well and pump problems
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Water pressure gauges:

This article describes the location, use, and operation water tank pressure gauges, how to read, use, repair or replace water pressure gauges.

We discuss water pressure gauge location, accuracy, and uses on water well pump and tank systems. A well pump gauge can help diagnose a variety of well and pump problems including leaks, bad check valves, bad well pumps and more.

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WATER PRESSURE GAUGE - location, uses, accuracy, repairs

Photograph of a water pressure tank air valve

In this photo the water tank pressure gauge is visible mounted on a special brass fitting which is in turn connected to the bottom of the water pressure tank.

The water tank pressure gauge is showing about 37 PSI.

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Note that water tank pressure gauges give a general idea of the water pressure measured at the water tank, and that the pressure shown on the gauge will normally drop down to the "pump cut-in pressure" at which point the water pump should start operating, and the gauge pressure will then rise up to the pump "cut out pressure" when the water pump stops.

Water Pressure Indicator Gauge Accuracy

Typical residential water system pressure gauges found at the water tank or water pump are only approximate and are not lab instrument grade, but the water pressure gauge is a very helpful diagnostic when you're diagnosing a loss of water pressure or pump operating problem as well as when you're adding air to a water tank.

How to Repair or Replace the Water Pressure Indicator Gauge on a Water Tank or Pump

broken water pressure gauge glass (C) daniel FriedmanThe text below describes the steps in replacement of a broken or leaky or otherwise defective water pressure gauge.

If you are installing a new pressure gauge where none has been previously installed, or for more water pressure gauge mounting location options

How to Replace a Broken Water Pressure Gauge, or How to Correct A Water Pressure Gauge that Reads too High or Too Low

If the water pressure GAUGE GLASS BROKEN or MISSING [link to article on water tank air volume controls], or if the gauge is visibly rusty or damaged, or if the gauge simply stops changing what it indicates despite the water system pressure changing (in other words the pressure shown on the gauge never changes) you should replace the gauge itself.

The well pump is turned off, pressure is drained from the system (you do not have to let all of the water out of the tank, just be prepared for a little spillage). Then the new water pressure gauge is prepared for installation (make sure the gauge bottom threads match those of the old unit being replaced as diameters vary from 1/4" to 1/2").

Water Pressure Gauge Troubleshooting

Reader Question: 8/9/14 Andrew said:

Hi I recently replaced our submersible water pump (DAB Pulsar 40/50 M), because of a faulty electrical component in the pump. I looked around to see if I could get it repaired but the cost was excessive compared the a new one. (It was over 10 years old).

There is a float switch attached to the pump which works in conjunction with a pressure switch and gauge mounted on top of the pressurized cold water cylinder.

Pressure gauge reading in bar - France (C) InspectAPedia Water cylinder pressure switch - France (C) InspectApedia

The system is set to a max pressure of 3 bar. When the pressure drops to about 1.5 bar the pump automatically recharges the water cylinder. After I replaced the pump everything was working fine again, until recently.

I started getting erratic re-filling of the tank. The pressure would drop and the pump wouldn't cut in to recharge the cylinder.

5 minutes later the system would recharge. There is plenty of water in the well, so naturally I thought it was the switch or gauge.
I've just replaced both.

The problem now is that when the pump is switched on the system recharges but the gauge is not registering any pressure and the switch doesn't turn the pump off. If I let it run I'm sure it would explode.
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I've read through your extensive notes and explanations but can't find anything which specifically relates the our problem.
I would really appreciate your advice and or comments to help resolve this issue. Many thanks in advance.



If your water supply contains silt, iron, debris or the like, I suspect that the gauge pressure port is clogged and possibly there is similar clogging of the pressure sensing port of the pressure control switch. Try replacing the gauge, and cleaning or replacing any clogged small-diameter piping - same for the pressure switch. Keep us posted.

Reader question: relation of water pressure gauge to well pump short cycling

30 Dec 2015 Bev wrote:

Will a broken pressure gauge on a water pump for a two line well system cause short cycles when pumping water into the tank on the interior of the house.


No Bev. Pressure gauges are passive devices - they do nothing but reflect system pressure.

Water pump short cycling causes are given at WATER PUMP SHORT CYCLING CAUSES

But it is worth noting that some of the causes of improper or erratic water pump operation, such as debris clogging of a pressure switch sensor port can also cause erratic pressure gauge operation by clogging its own pressure sensor opening as well.


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