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Where to buy insulated HVAC flexible ductwork: types, sources, prices

  • FLEX DUCT SOURCES & HISTORY - CONTENTS: List of suppliers of replacement flexible HVAC ductwork - where to buy flex duct, list of manufacturers & sources. Who invented flex-duct & what was its invention history?
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Flexible HVAC duct sources, suppliers, list of manufacturers:

This article lists sources of suppliers of flexible insulated ductwork used in heating and air conditioning systems or where insulated flexible ductwork is needed for other applications such as venting moist exhaust air through un-conditioned attics, basements or crawl spaces.

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Suppliers of Insulated HVAC Flex Duct - where to buy flexible ductwork

Flex duct in a horrible routing of excess lengths (C) Daniel Friedman Metallic or mylar covered flexduct installed in an insulated attic (C) Daniel Friedman

Watch out: Be sure to check the diameter and duct lengths you need before ordering any product. Excessive duct length beyond what's needed as well as extra bends and curves, kinks or improper duct upport interfere with good air flow rates. For details review our flex-duct installation specifications at DUCT ROUTING & SUPPORT.

Remember to also purchase the necessary cable ties, duct tape or other connecting accessories to support flexible ductwork properly and to make your duct connections air tight and secure.

Reader Question: what are the origin and history of flex-duct?

2016/02/10 Douglas Gulley said:

Dear Inspectapedia, Regarding the invention & history of flexible ducting - it seems like I have a memory of some well respected, senior member of the hvac industry making a reference to the idea that flex duct in the hvac industry is only accidental & happenstance as the original flex duct was designed for use in a wholly different industry & context

.(Not that it wouldn't of happened eventually anyway...) Problem is I can't remember the story with surety (perhaps the reference was to duct tape...) nor is googling any help. How about it? Any stories from the early times that might be relevant? Thanks in advance!

Reply: history of flexible air ducts reflected in U.S. patents

Certainly flexible ducting has been around for more than 150 years and may have originated with flexible elbows for metal flue vent connector. A research of U.S. patent history gives us insight into the history and development of flexible hoses and duct systems. I found citations dating back to the late 1800's and in applications such as flexible air hoses for connections between train cars, flexible metal elbows on flue vent connectors or metal chimneys, and other uses.

Modern wire coil, fiberglass, and plastic covered (and hopefully lined) flex-duct is a more recent invention. But rubber, metal, and fabric all had roles in both the original and ongoing materials and uses of flexible hoses, tubing, and ductwork.

Patents reflecting the history of the development of flexible HVAC air ducts are arranged below in rough chronological order

Flexible air duct, silver jacket, from JPL - see (C) InspectApedia & JPFLEX

Shown above: silver-jacketed plastic-lined, fiberglass-insulated flexible air ducts from JPL, a U.S. air duct manufacturer, website:, Tel: 800-255-3539

I may have missed some important ones and will add more as they come to hand, but these patent descriptions give an interesting view of the development of flexible ductwork. Some of these patent citations have been edited for clarity or to correct apparent patent text scanning errors.

Flexible air ducts, Brown 1937

Lambert's air duct patent (C) Inspectapedia

Flexible air duct with stretchable wrapper - Koerber


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