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Frank D Graham Audels Oil Burner Guide

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Complete text to Frank Graham's Audel's Oil Burner Guide - online copy.

The oil heat system installation, troubleshooting & repair index given below provides direct access to PDF files of each chapter in this classic and easy-to-understand textbook that illustrates & explains how oil fired heating equipment works, how it is installed, serviced & repaired.

Dating from 1946 with updates ranging from the 1950's to current, this text answers just about any question concerning older oil fired heating equipment and includes principles and diagnostic or repair procedures that work perfectly well on modern heating equipment as well. 

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Oil Fired Heating Equipment Installation, Inspection, Service & Repair Guide: Frank D. Graham's "Oil Burner Guide" Full Text

Photograph of  a modern oil-fired heating boilerOnline Chapters in PDF format (click in any of these PDF pages to return to OIL BURNER INSPECTION & REPAIR)

The information in this and other older oil-heat installation & service books can be particularly helpful because older texts focus on how to diagnose and fix problems along with an understanding of their cause - a view that makes for more effective heating system troubleshooting and repair.

Watch out: in attempting to fix or install any heating equipment you must understand that there are real and potential fire and life-safety hazards involved.

While it was often possible to get older oil fired heating equipment to run with use of your eye (smoke and flame) and spit (stack temperature temperatures), to properly install and adjust modern heating equipment requires training and special equipment.

A trained and experienced heating service technician should not only be expected to have these prerequisites, she or he also has seen many problems in the field and can often home in on the trouble and repair it quickly.

Key, in-depth oil fired heating equipment DIY articles are listed just below.


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