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iTEMPO™ controller for steam generator install & repair

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Installation & repair details for a residential steambath wall-mounted control:

Using a Mr. Steam® iTEMPO™ wall control as an example, we illustrate the installation of a steam generator control, including the installation requirements and advice about avoding an installation mistake that can cause lots of trouble: a screw shorts the control cable.

This article series describes detail the installation of an electrically-operated residential steam generator in the shower of an existing home.

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Installing the Mr. Steam iTEMPO Wall Control & Steam Head

iTEMPO Mr Steam wall control (C) Daniel FriedmanAvoid tripping over confusing terminology: the wall control or "steam control" is the wall-mounted steambath controller used by the occupants of the steambath or steam shower room.

For most steambath products a separate wall control is used to control the steam generator on/off, temperature, time-on and other features.

Separately, virtually all electrically-operated steambath generators also include an internal control board, a circuit board that performs detailed switching and other operations within the unit.

The steam control or wall control settings are communicated to the steam generator's control board (usually) by a multi-wire cable that connects the two devices.

The installation instructions for the wall control will be separate from the instructions for installing the steam generator itself.

The Mr. Steam company gives quite clear instructions for locating and mounting both the steambath generator and the wall control unit in Mr. STEAM iTEMPO STEAM CONTROL MANUAL [PDF]. The specific installation details for your steam controller model may be different, so be sure that you actually read the installation & operation manual.

Our photo above, below shows the Mr. Steam® iTEMPO™ control located about 4 ft. above the floor.

Watch out: the manufacturer lists at least a dozen warnings that you should heed to assure a safe and functional steam bath installation.

Consult the I&O Manual for the specific steambath generator you are installing.

Route for steam control wall unit cut into concrete (C) Daniel Friedman

Above: the open groove cut into the concrete wall marks the planned route for the control cable to run between steam generator and the wall control in the steambath.

Mount location prepared in wall to insert the steam control (C) Daniel Friedman

Above: the wall opening in the steam bath has been prepared to mount the control unit. The cables have not yet been routed up through conduit and to the control mounting point.

Installing the Mr. Steam® iTEMPO™ Steam Head

The steam head is the vent through which steam is released into the steambath area. Steam is fed to the steam head by 1/2" copper pipe from the steam generator outlet.

Mr. Steam steam head with the iTEMPO control (C) Daniel Friedman

The steam head should be located where users of the steambath will not come into contact with its hot surface. The recess in the top of this steam head can be used to hold drops of aromatic oils.

Additional steam outlet or steam head installation details are given in the steam generator I&O manual Mr. STEAM GENERATOR MS90EC1 INSTALLATION MANUAL [PDF].

Steam outlet or steam head installed near the floor of the steambath, below where a seat is planned (C) Daniel Friedman

Above: when the steam generator runs for the first time, soldering paste left inside the copper piping between the steam generator outlet and the steam head will blow out and show up on the wall and floor below the steam outlet.

An ordinary household cleaner will remove that ugly grease and debris.

Below: the iTEMPO™ wall control cable plugged into its connector at the Mr. Steam generator.

iTEMPO wall control for steam generator connection at the generators control board (C) Daniel Friedman

Watch out: as we describe at Mr.STEAM MS90E TROUBLESHOOTING, routing of pipes and wires for the steam generator must be protected from damage including damage from a screw or nail driven later into a wall through which control cabling passes.

Steam generator cable conduit in an interior wood framed wall (C) Daniel Friedman

Above: Control cable (gray) and steam pipe routing (white insulated line) are routed between two stud walls from a Steamist® steam generator (NOT a Mr. Steam product) to the steam head and steam control in an interior bathroom wall. This example is from a different installation, not the Mr. Steam steam generator described in the rest of this article.

Contact information for Mr. Steam®, the manufacturer of the steambath generator described in this article and other steam equipment & information are given at STEAMBATH GENERATOR SOURCES.

Watch out: check with your doctor about any health limitations that would affect your individual case before spending time in any steam box or steam shower or steam room. (Press 1991)

Saunas, steam baths, and whirlpools—popular fixtures at health clubs—are safe means of relaxation, if used prudently. But ignoring the recommendations for moderate, commonsense enjoyment of these baths may expose users to health risks.

Watch out: for safe installation of this or any other heating equipment, follow the manufacturer's instructions for both installation and use of the steambath, and make sure that your equipment and its installation comply with local plumbing and building safety codes.


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