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Asbestos siding or roofing handling regulations:

Here we provide OSHA and other asbestos regulations regarding handling of asbestos-containing-materials (ACM) such as asbestos cement siding and asbestos cement roofing or asbestos-containing shingles.

This document series assists building buyers, owners or inspectors who need to identify asbestos materials (or probable-asbestos) in buildings by simple visual inspection. In the website sections listed below, we provide photographs and descriptive text of asbestos insulation and other asbestos-containing products to permit identification of definite, probable, or possible asbestos materials in buildings.

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Where to find OSHA Regulations for roof demolition where asbestos containing roofing materials ACRM are present may also pertain to wall siding demolition

Corrugated cement asbestos roofing

According to NRCA, the National Roofing Contractors' Association, their studies up to February 1992 had not found a single roofing job at which the permissible exposure limits (PELs) for asbestos fibers were exceeded, and NRCA reported that in some cases no fiber release was detected.

We note that the association would have been referring only to asphalt-based roofing materials, not jobs involving the demolition of other ACRM such as cement-asbestos roof shingles (or "asbestos roof tiles" as some consumers refer to them) which might produce different statistics.

At ASBESTOS ROOF MATERIALS we discuss environmental issues surrounding disposal of fiber cement roofing products that contain asbestos, including a photo guide to recognizing asbestos fiber cement products, Environmental Issues With Cement Asbestos Roof Shingles, Asphalt-asbestos paints and sealants, and OSHA Regulation of roof demolition where asbestos containing roofing materials ACRM are present.

Question: reader warns about amateur cement-asbestos shingle siding or roofing removal

To all those reading this comment feed, know that most of what these people are saying is incorrect. If you are a contractor know that 29 CFR 1926.1101 OSHA asbestos standards apply and you need to remove the material properly. A dust mask (N95) will not protect you or your employees. Contact an asbestos abatement company to remove the asbestos and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE MATERIAL YOURSELF. Your just asking for mesothelioma (lung cancer) if you do. - Inspector 5/11/12

Reply: be careful, understand voluntary asbestos standards, be reasonable

Thanks Inspector.

We agree that there are both health and legal hazards in removing asbestos-containing materials, even cementious ones. In our experience there are often local regulations or ordinances that describe the level of site and dust control required when demolishing cement-asbestos materials (roof shingles or siding usually) outdoors.

But it's also fair to point out that the standard you cite is "...a non-mandatory appendix to the asbestos standards for construction and for shipyards." Details about asbestos removal and handling regulations including the actual standards and recommendations are discussed in the article above and further quoted just below.

In our OPINION, even non-mandatory standards involving health and safety ought to be followed, though it is reasonable to guess that some adjustments may be needed for the variation in individual cases and environments. For example, we seriously doubt that a homeowner or even a small contractor is going to set up a tent, containment, negative air, air monitoring and testing, and expert trained supervision simply to pull two nails and replace one cracked asbestos-cement wall shingle with a new fiber-cement shingle that fits into the same space.

CFR 1926.1101 OSHA asbestos standards refers to the U.S. OSHA regulations and standards PART 1926 Safety and Health Regulations for Construction - retrieved 8/10/12, original source: p_doc_type=STANDARDS&p_toc_level=1&p_keyvalue=1926

Within that OSHA standard, 1926 Subpart Z - Toxic and Hazardous Substances contains subsection 1926.1101 - Asbestos which in turn contains quite a few sections and a bit of advice. We quote from the introduction to the standard here

This is a non-mandatory appendix to the asbestos standards for construction and for shipyards. It describes criteria and procedures for erecting and using negative pressure enclosures for Class I Asbestos Work, when NPEs are used as an allowable control method to comply with paragraph (g)(5)(i) of this section. Many small and variable details are involved in the erection of a negative pressure enclosure. OSHA and most participants in the rulemaking agreed that only the major, more performance oriented criteria should be made mandatory. These criteria are set out in paragraph (g) of this section.

In addition, this appendix includes these mandatory specifications and procedures in its guidelines in order to make this appendix coherent and helpful. The mandatory nature of the criteria which appear in the regulatory text is not changed because they are included in this "non-mandatory" appendix. Similarly, the additional criteria and procedures included as guidelines in the appendix, do not become mandatory because mandatory criteria are also included in these comprehensive guidelines.

In addition, none of the criteria, both mandatory and recommended, are meant to specify or imply the need for use of patented or licensed methods or equipment.

Recommended specifications included in this attachment should not discourage the use of creative alternatives which can be shown to reliably achieve the objectives of negative-pressure enclosures.

Requirements included in this appendix, cover general provisions to be followed in all asbestos jobs, provisions which must be followed for all Class I asbestos jobs, and provisions governing the construction and testing of negative pressure enclosures. The first category includes the requirement for use of wet methods, HEPA vacuums, and immediate bagging of waste; Class I work must conform to [additional detailed provisions that describe supervision, dust control, air monitoring, worker safety]. - retrieved 8/10/12, original source

Asbestos-Cement Roofing Articles

ASBESTOS MATERIAL REGULATIONS and also ASBESTOS REGULATION Update address the handling of asbestos containing building materials, including ACM (asbestos containing materials), PACM (presumed asbestos containing materials), SACM (suspect asbestos containing materials), and ACRM (asbestos containing roofing materials).


Continue reading at ASBESTOS MATERIAL REGULATIONS or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.

Or see ASBESTOS MATERIAL REGULATIONS Update for current asbestos regulations across various materials and conditions.

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