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Peat bed septic system design, installation & maintenance questions & answers:

Frequently-asked questions about peat bed septic system media filter design, installation, and maintenance including where to obtain replacement peat or septic filter media.

This article series discusses the design and use peat septic media filter systems.

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FAQs on the Design & Use of Septic Media Filters Using Peat

Sketch of a Recirculating Sand Media Filter System - EPA

Peat filter septic systems take a conventional septic system design (such as those regulated in MA under Title 5) and adds an effluent filter stage for additional effluent treatment.

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On 2017-09-26 by (mod) - how to find a septic company who can change our septic filter media


If you know the brand of the septic filter media you have installed that would be the r place to start.

Not knowing the country, state or province, city where you are located I can but guess that Peat-Based SEPTIC SUPPPLIERS or your own online search for "septic filter media" that turns up septic media producing companies will give you contact information: you can call the media producer to ask who is close enough to you to install or repair or replace your specific septic media filter.

On 2017-09-26 by Megan Braun

Looking for a company to replace the filter media in our septic system. The only company I can find is Premiertech. Is this the only option?

On 2017-03-31 by (mod) - fiberglass Ecoflow tank failures

Thank you for your comment Raymond

On 2017-03-31 by Raymond Rase

@Alan, I just inspected a similar tank inconsistency with the fiberglass- definite QA/QC or design issue.

On 2016-09-28 by (mod) - EcoFlow peat bed from Premiertech field report: cracked fiberglass shell

Thanks for this report, Alan; that information will be helpful to other readers.

I'm disappointed that your onsite expert who said it was OK to run the system didn't warn you about collapsing fiberglass components.

Photos or other documentation, if you want to add them, can be sent to us for posting via the page bottom CONTACT link

On 2016-09-26 by Alan

Had an EcoFlow peat bed from Premiertech installed 7 years ago. Noticed this spring a depression at one end.

When inspected by their inspector he indicated the fibreglass shell was cracked but we could operate it.

Since then that side has completely collapsed and they are refusing to warranty the problem (fibreglass is so thin it should have never been installed). To date i am aware of 2 other systems with the same problem in our area.

On 2016-08-20 by (mod) - check the design specifications of your own peat filter septic system before buying replacement peat

Readers note:

Before buying peat from any supplier check the design specifications of your own peat filter septic system. It's important because different types of peat perform differently and not all peat types are suitable for all peat septic systems.

Some literature refers to this extra treatment step as tertiary treatment of septic effluent, or as multiple module effluent treatment, or moving bed biological reactor treatment systems.

On 2016-08-20 by Selvakumar

GAPS EcoSys based in Broomall, Pennsylvania, USA (near Philadelphia, PA) which provide organic Coco Peat. For more details/contact please visit

On 2016-08-19 by (mod) - name of a peat supplier in Ontario Canada.

Henri, try this EcoFlo peat septic system company in Ontario

Slagter Construction Ltd

29 Panin Road
Burlington Ontario L7P 5A6

Tel: 905-639-9394
Toll: 1-877-639-9394
Fax: 905-639-4888


On 2016-08-18 by Henri Belcourt


Would you be able to provide me with the name of a peat supplier in Ontario Canada.

Thank you.

On 2016-03-19 by (mod) -


Your local septic authority provided their list of installers. Sorry, I can't suggest someone else.

On 2016-03-19 by Jayne Brahler

The attachment failed to my previous message. The system we need is an alteration to our existing one and it has peat tanks. I can provide the specs and drawings for anyone who is interested in the work.

On 2016-03-19 by Jayne Brahler

We need to get the attached alteration design installed in the Dayton, OH area.

Do you know of any installers in our area who can do this? The peat system is not used around here any more but our county health department suggested one for our home use because our neighbors let their field tiles get clogged and we are collecting a lot of water on our place so our leach field is saturated.

We have a guy who could install for us if he could get the tanks. Or we will pay an installer to come to our site from out of the area. We are getting desperate.

Any help would be appreciated.


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