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Electrical wiring FAQs for manufactured & mobile homes:

This article contains questions & answers that assist in electrical diagnosis & repair for mobile homes, manufactured homes, doublewides, trailers and RVs. We include diagnostic questions & answers about manufactured or mobile home electrical system defects, troubleshooting, repairs, codes. Mobile home electrical panels, wiring, lights, switches: inspect & repair. Safety and building codes for mobile homes

This article series describes How to Inspect Mobile Homes or Manufactured Housing Electrical Wiring, Electrical Panel, and other Electrical Components for Defects: detailed procedures, defect lists, references to standards.

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Electrical System Troubleshooting Questions & Answers for Campers, Mobile Homes, Doublewides, Manufactured Homes

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On 2017-07-19 by (mod) - how to turn power back on after the main breaker popped off


That sounds like a major short circuit.

I'm inclined to be very cautious because if there was a significant short circuit we don't want to turn on power and have a fire or injury.

I would not just flip breakers back on in the situation you describe. Instead I'd follow a more careful procedure described at ELECTRICITY TURN ON AFTER BREAKER TRIP

On 2017-07-19 by Mike

Breakers popped loudky now no electricity in entire trailer house

On 2017-07-10 by Ashley

We have a 2017 Rockwell single wide from Clayton Homes and are having problems with the light bulbs blowing on one side of the home.

The bulbs are all LED and are supposed to last for a few years. We have had a few blow more than once in the 8 months we have lived here. It is still under warranty but so far that hasn't been much help as no one comes out when we call.

On 2017-06-25 by Jeremy

Also I cut all power and it still dose

On 2017-06-25 by (mod) - continuity found between electrical panel and utility room door?

What you describe is potentially dangerous and deserves help from licensed electrician who, on site, will look for damaged wiring or a hot or neutral short to ground some a grounding error.

Perhaps the door and frame of metal are connected by contact to
The home's steel frame and ground g system. But it is not normal to find current there. So we suspect a wiring fault as well, such as improper neutral connections.

On 2017-06-25 by Jeremy

Why am I getting continuity frome my inside breaker box to my utility room door it's a metal door and when I stand on my deck and grab the door it tingles my hand if I'm barefoot

On 2017-06-10 by (mod) - changed an outlet, wires won't go in


Maybe, but I'm a bit worried as I don't quite understand what you did. By "outlet" are you describing the slotted receptacle that mounts in the wall into which you plug an appliance?

If so it's best practice to strip the wires and wrap the stripped wire around the screws on the side of the receptacle. Some newer receptacles indeed have a back or side-wired clamping device that allows insertion of a short stripped end into a receiving opening after which the screw is tightened.

If you didn't remove the insulation there would be no wire-to-connector contact and the device wouldn't work.


Watch out: you can be shocked or killed working on electrical wiring, and improper wiring can also cause a fire or shock someone else.

On 2017-06-10 16:56:29.790938 by Coy

I changed a self contained outlet I striped the wires back an inch to get them to fit in the prongs . I didn't have a factory tool and the wire would not go in without striping . is that ok?

On 2017-06-10 by (mod) - trouble resetting a GFCI


I don't understand your situation. But if you installed a GFCI and it keeps tripping either there is a short in the circuit (leaving it unsafe) or the device is mis-wired or defective. If you're confident about the device then you'll need to trace the circuit to find the short or damage.

On 2017-05-27 by dan

We have a gfci outlet and and.there are 4 outlets. connected so five connected if you count the gfci itself. It popped and.we bought a new. one installed coreectly reset the 2 in the other bedrooms what else can we do?

On 2017-04-22 by (mod) - double wide trailer for outlet says it's hot but when plugging something in it does not work

Howard I don't have a clear understanding of the situation but it sounds unsafe and it sounds as if you need an electrician to trace the circuit and make repairs. It's possible there's something as simple as a loose wire at the bad outlet or electrical box.

If the outlet (we call it also an electrical receptacle) was originally controlled by a light switch then that wiring is probably the problem. There could be a bad switch or shorted switch wires.

Watch out: the risk is fire or injury from electrical shock.

On 2017-04-22 by Howard

I live in a double wide trailer for outlet says it's hot but when plugging something in it does not work and when I try putting new outlets in the box and it's hot every thing comes on but switches won't turn it off

On 2017-04-17 by (mod) Lights in my double wide are dimming at about 2 min intervals


Is there any equipment or electrical device that is turning on and off like a short-cycling water pump?

On 2017-04-17 by Jon

Lights in my double wide are dimming at about 2 min intervals. Happened over winter also. Park electrician replaced breaker box outside and repaired faulty wiring in another box. Problem started happening again.

On 2017-04-12 by (mod) 70's trailer - I need to move breaker box


Your licensed electrician can move a circuit breaker panel however it may be necessary to keep a main switch at the present location.

This is not work that a homeowner can nor should attempt - there is risk of death by electrocution.

On 2017-04-12 by Sue

I have a 70,s trailer I need to move breaker box from one end of trailer and put it in other can I do this??

On 2017-04-12 by (mod) ceiling fan won't work

An open or bad fan switch, loose wiring connection, or (less likely as the fan is probably on the room lighting circuit) a tripped circuit breaker.

On 2017-04-11 by Elsa

We plugged our trailer in (park model trailer) and everything worked but the ceiling fan in the bedroom and living room. What could be wrong?

On 2017-03-06 by (mod) when I use my hair dryer, the power stops working

Yes a lower-wattage hair dryer may stop the symptom you describe but I'm left nervous anyway.

If a circuit breaker is tripping due to overload (drawing too much current) the breaker doesn't normally reset itself (though a safety feature in the hair dryer itself might do so).

I worry that there may be improper, loose, corroded, wiring or even aluminum electrical wiring, or an unsafe brand of electrical panel in the home.

So it would be best to ask an experienced licensed electrician to take a look at the wiring, circuit, panel, receptacle, and GFCI protection in your home.

Keep us posted.

On 2017-03-06 by Joye

I live in a single wide manufactured home. There is only 1 outlet with 2 plugs in my bathroom. Sometimes when I use my hair dryer, the power stops working suddenly, including the mirror light switch. It goes back on in a few minutes but meanwhile I have to run an extension cord from the hallway and finish drying my hair. My question is... if I get a lower wattage hair dryer, will it help this problem?

On 2017-03-06 00:35:07.794150 by (mod)


I would immediately turn OFF any circuits that are not acting properly as a short circuit or wiring error risks a building fire.

You'll need an electrician to trace the circuits involved to find where wires or connections are damaged, loose, or improperly made. Be sure the electrician also checks for aluminum electrical wiring as that's a fire hazard as well.

On 2017-03-05 by charlptte

help only have power to one wall in this mobile thats very old think problem might be wire under mobile

On 2017-02-28 by (mod) wiring service to a mobile home in dupo


I don't really understand the layout nor situation; what about simply asking your local electrical inspector what she or he will accept?

On 2017-02-28 by Dave

I am running service for a mobile home in dupo il I am going from the pole to under the home to my box I am going to come out from the pole box with a 2in conduit under ground about 10in cause of tripping hazard when I get to under the home I am going to be still in 2in conduit but be above ground to my box Can I do it like this?

On 2017-01-22 by (mod) humming in mobile home when breaker switched on


Depending on exactly what is humming when a circuit breaker is on the system may be ok and normal OR very unsafe, risking shock or fire.

For example some low voltage transformers that run a heating thermostat might hum when near their end of life.

But if you hear humming at the electrical panel, at a light switch, wall receptacle, leave that electrical circuit turned OFF and call a licensed electrician for repair.

To be more safe you should also make sure that your home has working smoke detectors, properly installed and located, and that the fire exit door(s) from your home are working, operable, and not blocked.

I do not want you to be terrified by these warnings: but you do want to be safe.

We note you also commented on an obsolete copy of another of our web pages - I've copied that question to the current version of that other article at where you can see it in the COMMENTS section near the end of that article.

On 2017-01-21 by Terry

1984 mobile home breaker. Is humming when turned on i switched breakers same thing?

On 2017-01-16 by (mod) wiring lights in a 98 single wide mobile home


Watch out: flickering lights means there is unsafe electrical wiring in the home. An electrician may find loose wires, a failing switch, or something more serious like aluminum electrical wiring.

Watch out too: working in an electrical panel - all due respect to hubby - risks death by electrocution of you touch something live.

Hubby could have missed a loose connector in an electrical junction box somewhere in the circuit.

I'd suggest help from a licensed electrician. She will perhaps start where I would : looking at wiring in the panel, then tracing the bad circuit s to find all of their junction boxes and connections, looking for unsafe wiring or a bad connector or damaged wires.

Meanwhile leave any bad acting circuits off.

On 2017-01-16 by Tonya

We own a 98 single wide mobile home. My question is just inside the front door we have two double switch light plates.

One set is for the porch and two front outside lights and the other controls the hall light and ceiling fan/light in the living room . There is also a hard wired smoke detector located up above these light switches.

One day the hall light flickered and went out shutting down everything on those double switches.

After setting awhile the ceiling fan worked again but trying another light on those switches shut it all down again.

My husband checked all the wiring on the outside lights, hall light, ceiling fan and smoke detector and found nothing loose. He also replaced the circuit breaker and again after setting awhile the ceiling fan worked but turning other switches on those double plates shut it all down. Any idea what we may be missing??

Reader Comments, Pats & Pans:

(Dec 17, 2011) Bill said:
This site has helped me. All the questions I had concerning mobile home entrance wiring were answered! Thanks.

Reader Comment: reader comments on electrical safety hazards & landlord response

(Feb 7, 2013) Corren said:

For Kristy: we had the same problem last month. We are also in the same situation with the landlord.... We moved in the trailer back in Sept 2012. From the get go we had electrical issues. Plugs not working...basically if it was electrical it may our may not work...plugs, switches, lights...The first night we spent in the trailer,the main breaker blew for the first tune. If I had more than one major appliance on, it would blow. If I had one major appliance on and more than a couple of lights, it would blow.

We called the landlord. his response was,"Well dont have so much going on, trailers aren't made for all that". He did dec it the main breaker blew one final time and would come back on when we reset it from the outside pole (what he had told us to do when the main breaker blew).

Long story short....after having to call the city (me), they had to replace the main breaker and pole. Also had to replace the writing running into the trailer because it had broken underground. Do after the city, an electrician that worked for 20's park, and a different electrician that landlord hired the problem was finally fixed. The problem was two-fold....the pole was over 30 years old and rusted.

The second was all the broken writing. When the city came to look at it, they took the meter out because everything inside the breaker box was melted and burnt to crumbs INCLUDING the metal bracket that was holding the meter in. Everyone said we are lucky to be alive because it didnt catch the trailer on fire. GET THE CITY INVOLVED IF YOUR LANDLORD WON'T FIX THE PROBLEM!!! I've got 3 small children and never would have moved here if I had known.


Repeating Steve's comment without the advertising link he included:

Bought some property in NY that I need to have electrical service routed to. I found a TT panel with a main disconnect as well as 30A & 20A receptacles already wired. Now my question. If I mount this on say a 5-6 foot 6x6 on a concrete footing would I have any issues the electric co running service to it? Also, would I need an electrical inspection prior to having the electric company connect? - Steve 3/31/2013



You will need to mount the electrical panel to suit your LOCAL electrical inspector and state and local building codes. Your query doesn't include enough detail for one to have an opinion of its correctness or legality.

Question: 1997 Clayton manufactured double wide electrical wiring snafus

(Apr 28, 2015) Anonymous said:
I have a 1997 Clayton manufactured double wide and the wiring is really not even consistant with a home. The outlets are stuck into the sheetrock panels and not on studs and when trying to replace them the wiring seems backwards, complicated and stuffed....Why would they not stick to a home plan..



It is "legal" to insert a receptacle box through drywall without connecting it to a stud provided proper mounts are used so that the box is secure - doesn't wiggle around.

But if the wiring is improper or if the boxes are loose the system is unsafe and should be inspected by an electrician. Use my email found at our CONTACT link at page bottom to send me some photos and perhaps we can comment further.

Question: 1970 Patrician double wide mobile home electricalwiring failures

(July 23, 2015) Marti said:
Your website is very informative because it gives many same type electrical problem scenarios that we have experienced since we bought this 1970 Patrician double wide mobile home. This home had been sitting on the landlord's premises for at least 2 years. There was no disclosure that it had electrical problems. The home needed upkeep maintenance but nothing involving electrical problems. Within that first year, we experienced the lights in the entire home would go out often.

One time, the wires in our bedroom left burn marks in part of the old carpet. We knew we had a fire hazard. We have lived here 15+ years and twice we have had the electricity in this place fixed by a licensed electrician. The first time it didn't work so well cause we continued to have problems. The second time it turns out the wires in the main fuse box were burnt.

We were lucky it didn't start a fire in our home. Again, the proper repairs were made by a licensed electrician who brought the house to code.

It has been about 10 yrs. since we made these repairs and today, we are still experiencing the same problems. Light bulbs burn out on our fans randomly mostly in the living room and family room. I have to replace them every 2-3 months no matter what good brands I purchase.

Last night, I saw a white flash of light in our bathroom when I turned on the switch. It shorted out the lights throughout the home including our bathroom lights, kitchen ceiling lights, one family room ceiling light, the fan doesn't go on in the living room, and one table lamp light bulb instantly burned out when I turned it on.

I have talked to the landlords about this ongoing electrical problem because they had many electrical outages and power surges since we lived here causing damage. They said it was not their problem yet, Edison came to inspect the premises and found it came from their main box in the mobile home park providing electrical power to the homes and made them fix it. Now, I am having the same problems. So, is it our home or them causing it?



Is your home wired with aluminum electrical wiring? If so there could be serious fire hazards that won't be addressed by changes in the electrical panel alone. If your answer is yes, see ALUMINUM WIRING HAZARDS & REPAIRS

If the home is being hit with power surges that can cause some but probably not all of the problems you describe. The electrical company can confirm whether or not power surges are common in your area. Surge protection devices installed in the electrical panel and at some other locations can reduce those problems.

I do not understand how a wiring error would cause burn marks on a carpet. Electrical wiring runs in walls, floors, ceilings, not across carpeting. Was the burn from an extension cord? If so, the use of an extension cord, particularly under carpeting, is a serious fire hazard - don't do that.

Question: 2003 palm harbor double wide home electrical power loss

(July 28, 2015) Anonymous said:
i have 2003 palm harbor double wide home, my question is,what caused the power on one side of the room to go out, that backs to a bath room the outlet works but the light and vent fan in the bathroom does not,and one outlet in the bedroom on the same side of the home



If you lost electrical power to just one side of a room that suggests that all of the receptacles or lights on a particular circuit lost power (check the electrical panel for a tripped breaker or blown fuse).

If there is no tripped breaker or blown fuse check for a tripped GFCI receptacle upstream from other receptacles.

If there is no tripped GFCI then I speculate that a wire has become disconnected at a device or electrical box that feeds subsequent devices in the circuit. An electrician can trace the circuit to find the hidden open connector.

For safety I'd prefer to leave such a circuit powered off until it's repaired, thus reducing the chance of a fire or shock.

Question: how to install outlet cover over outlet recessed too far in the wall

26 August 2015 carol said:
Need to put wallpaper over kitchen outlet but after adding breadboard to drywall existing outlet is too deep. There is no box.
Is there something to use to correct this problem


Yes Carol, you want an electrical box extender.

Gang box extender for electrical boxes (C) IAP

See ELECTRICAL JUNCTION BOX TYPES where they are described.


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