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Boise Cascade™ hardboard siding failures & claims:

Boise Cascade™ hardboard siding is similar to products sold by Masonite Corp., Abatibi-Price, and Georgia Pacific Corp, both of which experience failures of delamination, swelling, softening, and general deterioration when exposed to water and weather.

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Common Causes of Boise Cascade™ and other Hardboard Building Siding Failures

Our own field observations show that the siding material deteriorates fastest and most severely where:

We have photographs and material samples on-hand and solicit field reports and photographs to add to siding identification, maintenance, repair, replacement, and class action information at this website.

If you have additional product failure examples you are welcome to CONTACT the author.

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Boise-Cascade Siding Claims or Class Action Status

Reader Question: Common Causes of Boise Cascade siding defect

(Apr 22, 2014) Common Causes of Boise Cascade siding defects said:
I am trying to determine if the defects with Boise Cascade siding is the Boise Cascade now known as BMC of Boise, Idaho. Can you tell me if it is nor not?


Yes Common Causes,

Back in 1987 BMC West formed with acquisition of 20 building materials centers from Boise Cascade Corporation. - retrieved 2/23/2014

Contacting the company may be a bit tricky. Your easy-to-find options are an online web-comment form that shows no corporate address, or an eleven page list of BMC locations listed by area and product line.

However a more persistent search digs up the following:

Boise Cascade Company
1111 West Jefferson Street Ste 300
Boise, ID 83702-5389
P.O. Box 50
Boise, ID 83728


Boise Cascade Brand

Reader Question: my Boise Cascade hardboard siding is in bad shape, how do I get results? Ray Ellison Home.

(June 23, 2014) David Coolbaugh said:

The siding on the house I had built in 1992 is in bad shape. I need it completely replaced on 3 sides. The front is brick. How do I get results?
I live in San Antonio Texas. My neighbor just gave up and had his house re sided with hardi plank.

I think my house should last longer than this. I paid good money for my home. This is wrong. Please contact me. This was a Ray Ellison home. 210-521-2665. Or contact my wife on her cell...Cheryl Coolbaugh 210-535-4680.


David Coolbaugh


Contact the company at the contact points we've given just above. Let us know what happens: what you learn will help other readers.


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