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    • Definition, photos, sketches of of Class-A chimneys, Metalbestos chimneys
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    • Definition, photos, sketches of Triple Wall Metal or Super Chimneys, 629 chimneys & 650-C Chimneys
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This article defines the types of manufactured metal chimneys.

We explain the difference between Class-A Chimneys, Metalbestos chimneys, Type B Vents, Type L Vents, Triple Wall metal chimneys, and Super Chimneys, 629 Chimneys, and 650-C Chimneys. Each of these chimney types has specific intended uses, fire clearances, and installation requirements.

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Define Chimney, Vent, Flue Vent Connector, Flue Pipe, Smoke Pipe

Chimney types (C) Carson Dunlop AssociatesWe give definitions of these terms just below, but beware: different people will use these words with different meanings.


Definition of Chimney: a chimney is a passage through which smoke and combustion gases pass out of a building.

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A chimney may be made of masonry such as brick, stone, or concrete block. Depending on its age and local custom, the walls of a chimney may be thin - a single brick in thickness or thicker (safer) made of several bricks or made of masonry block or stone.

A chimney may also be lined with clay flue tile liners, asbestos-cement transite pipe, cement, metal, or flexible stainless steel.

A chimney may also be constructed of metal, such as a double-walled Metalbestos™ insulated chimney.

A masonry chimney (lined with transite pipe) and a metal chimney are shown here in Carson Dunlop Associates [at REVIEWERS] sketches.

Define Flue: a flue is in most cases a synonym for chimney.

Metal vents (C) Carson Dunlop AssociatesDefinition of Vent or chimney vent or flu vent: A metal chimney which is "thin walled" - either a single wall of metal or a thin double wall in some areas is called a "vent".

A double-walled metal flue used for venting gas fired appliances in the U.S. and Canada is a Type-B vent. In some areas a single-walled vent might be used for gas-fired equipment such as a water heater.

A single-walled metal vent or a Type-B vent would be unsafe if used to vent a woodstove or oil-fired equipment.

A metal vent is shown here in Carson Dunlop Associates [at REVIEWERS] sketch.

Definition of Flue Vent Connector: a flue vent connector is a metal pipe used to connect a heating appliance such as a heating boiler or water heater to its chimney or vent.

Definition of Flue pipe and stack pipe - these are usually synonyms for flue vent connector. Generally a flue-vent connector is single-walled steel and must be routed with proper clearance from combustible materials.

See FLUE VENT CONNECTORS, HEATING EQUIPMENT for details about single wall metal flues and their fire clearance requirements.

What are the Different Types of Metal Chimneys and Metal Vents?

Definition of Manufactured Chimneys

Manufactured chimneys of multiple metal walls or plastic have less weight than masonry chimneys and can be supported from the structure since they can deflect as the building moves with no problem. Readers should also see our more broad list of chimney types at CHIMNEY TYPES & MATERIALS.

Some segmented cementitious manufactured chimneys can be supported with a steel bracket bolted to reinforced joists to carry the weight.

Often manufactured chimneys are enclosed in a wood-framed and sided structure for cosmetic reasons.

List of Manufactured Metal Chimney Types

Here are the principal types of manufactured metal chimneys. We discuss each of these in the articles below.


Continue reading at CHIMNEY TYPES & MATERIALS or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.



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