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A guide to using air bleed valves to get rid of unwanted air in hot water heating systems: fix cold or noisy hot water heating radiators or baseboards.

Here we explain how to diagnose and repair problems with air bleed valves and we describe methods used to remove un-wanted, air from noisy or air-bound hot water heating system pipes, radiators, convectors, and baseboards. We illustrate how to buy and add air bleeders at baseboard elbows using a baseboard tee and air bleeder valves.

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What Are the Functions of Hot Water Heating System (hydronic heat) Air Bleeder Valves?

Radiator air bleed valve (C) Carson Dunlop AssociatesAir bleeder valves, both manual and automatic, are used forced hot water heating systems to remove un-wanted air from the heating distribution pipes and radiators.

Carson Dunlop's sketch (left) shows a common location for the air bleed valve on a cast iron radiator. The advice to leave this valve alone is intended for home inspectors who don't want to risk spilling water on someone's floor or opening a valve to find that they can't close it again. But if your hot water radiator or convector is staying cold even though the heating boiler is running and hot, it may be air-bound and you'll need to bleed out the air.

Why is it necessary to get this air out of heating lines?

Air trapped in hot water heating piping, radiators, baseboards, or convectors makes the heating system noisy with gurgling or bubbling sounds if there is just a little air in the heating system.

But if the volume of air becomes too great, the heating system will simply stop delivering heat to the occupied spaces, some or all of them, in the building. Why? A heating circulator pump is capable of pushing water around in the loop of heating baseboard but is often not capable of overcoming a section of baseboard that contains a large bubble of air. It's necessary to remove such air blocks. If air blocking has been recurrent a previous owner may have installed air bleeders at strategic points.

See AIRBOUND HEAT SYSTEM REPAIR by WATER FEED VALVE if the cold radiator, convector, or baseboard problem seems to affect all of the heating radiation devices on all or part of an individual heating piping loop or zone.

What are the Types of Air Bleeder Valves and Where are they Found on Hot Water Heat Systems?

Automatic air purge devices (photos at page top & below) are available and are usually installed right at the heating boiler but sometimes additional ones are needed at higher levels in the building.

The two most common locations for automatic air bleeder valves on hot water heating systems are on top of the heating boiler itself (photo below left), or on a special air-scoop and air purging device found on the hot water heating piping just over or near the heating boiler (photo below right).

Air bleeder valve atop a hot water heating boiler (C) Daniel Friedman Air scoop and air purge valve atop a heating boiler (C) Daniel Friedman

Manual air bleed valve on a heating baseboard (C) Daniel FriedmanManual air bleeder valves (photo above) can be opened slightly and carefully, to permit air to escape. Some heating convectors may have a tapping closed by a plug (photo at left) where an air bleeder valve can be installed - much more convenient than having to remove and replace the plug itself to get air out of the heating system piping.

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As soon as water starts coming out of an air bleeder valve it can be closed.

The most common location for manual air bleeder valves on hot water heating systems are on heating radiators and convector units (every one), and at the ends of heating baseboard sections where there has been a previous problem with becoming air bound.



Identification Photos of Types Hydronic Heating (hot water heat) air vents or air purge valves & where to buy them

Hygroscopic air vent for heasting system (C) D Friedman Hygroscopic air vent for heasting system (C) D Friedman Float type air vent (C) D Friedman Float type air vent (C) D Friedman Float type air vent (C) D Friedman Float type air vent (C) D Friedman

We distinguish among several types of heating system air bleeder valves or air vents (in order from left to right):

Baseboard tees with air bleeder installed (C) D Friedman

  1. AIR BLEEDER VALVES, MANUALor vents - (Photo at left and in an older version at above left). Manually operated air vents found on heating baseboards at high-end elbows (baseboard tees shown at left) or at the upper end of a hot water radiator or convector are opened with a key or screwdriver to vent air from air bound (cold) or noisy heating radiators & piping.

    At least some manual air vents include a tiny "spout" not just a hole through which to bleed air. The spout allows you to catch any water that squirts out of the vent during the bleeding process.

    At left is a newer type of baseboard tee that replaces the older model shown at the left side of our little photos above). We discuss baseboard tee installation and repair below.
  2. Hygroscopic automatic air bleeder valves or vents - (Sketch, above 2d from left) look like a manual air bleeder valve but are left open and are designed to vent air automagically from the system.

    Watch out for leaks and corrosions and replace any of these valves that are leaking. Automatic radiator vents and hygroscopic air bleeder vents will be provided with air vent holes but no little spout.
  3. AIR BLEED VALVES, AUTOMATIC float-type or air vents (photo, above, third from left) - use a larger canister and float design and, provided you leave the valve cap open, are designed to automatically vent air from the system. We install float type air vents at high points at or near the heating boiler.
  4. Hot Water Heating Radiator vents or air bleeder valves include both manual and automatic air vents for hot water heating systems (image of a modern European automatic radiator vent is at above 3rd from right) in the same manner as air vents on heating baseboards and convectors shown in the article above.

    These simple hot water heating radiator vents are opened with a key or screwdriver to vent air from an air-bound hot water heating radiator. Two very common hot water radiator air bleeder valves are shown at above right and 2d from right.

  5. STEAM RADIATOR VENTS are not discussed here but are detailed at STEAM HEATING SYSTEMS.

Where to buy air bleeder valves: see your local plumbing & heating supplier. F

or a list of air eliminator, air purge, air bleed valve manufacturers & sources see AIR BLEED VALVE SOURCES

Where to install air bleeder valves: see AIR BLEED VALVE INSTALLATION

Question: can I change a manual air bleeder to an automatic one

Can an automatic bleeder be screwed in where the manual bleeder is on my radiator or will i have a puddle of water on my floor when auto bleeder starts working? - Darrell 11/20/12


Yes you can change a manual air bleeder to an automatic one provided you choose a device that works in the position in which you need to mount it.

You are correct to worry about unintended leaking, since most automatic air bleeders require (to work) that their screw cap be left loose. So it makes sense to use these conversions where someone will quickly notice if there is a leak, and to avoid them otherwise. In my OPINION.

Hydronic heating air vents and air purge devices: types, where to buy; How to diagnose and fix heating system noises & air in hot water heating system pipes. Service Procedures to force air out of an air-bound hot water heating system. How to bleed a hydronic (hot water) heating system: how to purge air out of heating system boilers, radiators, baseboards, or piping. What is a baseboard tee, how do they work with baseboard air bleeder valves, how to install air bleeders, vents, purgers.


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