Cape cod roof snow  melt (C) D Friedman Dense-Packed Insulated, Hot Roof Design Data
What is Dense-Packed Insulation?

  • INSULATE ROOF with DENSE PACKING - CONTENTS: Un-Vented Roof Solutions: how to avoid condensation, leaks, attic mold, insulation mold, & structural damage to roof framing when roof venting is not possible. Hot roof designs: suggestions for un-vented or hard-to-vent building roof cavities. How to detect roof venting deficiencies, attic insulation defects, and attic condensation problems
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Dense-Pack Insulated Hot roof designs for sloped roofs:

This article series describes the dense-pack insulation approach for un-vented cathedral ceilings and similar under-roof spaces. We provide data & references on the dense-pack insulation approach to un-vented hot roof designs for buildings.

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Dense packing sloped roofs, residential: Is there Data Supporting Dense-Packed Un-Vented Sloped Roofs?

Cape cod venting (C) D FriedmanReader Question: Is there any data out there on condensation issues when dense packing a sloped roof. Cape cods and other dormer type construction have ceilings that traditionally have ventilation to the upper attic area and out the ridge vent. Sometimes these sloped roof areas have battens of fiberglass insulation.

We are running a residential program in Wisconsin and the contractors have been dense packing the sloped roof/ceiling in these areas.

Their anecdotal evidence is that they have had no problem with condensation or moisture. Are there any resources out there on data for zones 4 and 5.

By the way, I want to thank you again for joining us on the radio program, Constructive Solutions, in Wilmington NC and answering listeners questions. - J.A., Madison WI, 5/15/2012

Our sketch (above left) shows the traditional 1940's - 1960's design for insulating and venting a cape cod roof. Current design, among those who are venting the roof at all, provides continuous soffit or eaves intake, continuous ridge outlet venting, and we eliminate the gable end louvered vents. - Ed.

Reply: there is science supporting un-vented roofs provided construction is perfect and no roof leaks occur

Cape cod roof snow  melt (C) D FriedmanAlso see the notes in our hot roof article (above) and also

Roof venting for cathedral ceilings remains a contested issue, though as we elaborate below, there has been some expert work and plenty written about the topic.

Roof venting for buildings with attics is also discussed below.

Our photo at left is not a Cape Cod style home, but this New York house illustrates differential snow melting indicating where heat is being lost into the roof structure.

Even in climates not subject to freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, the snow-melt patterns on these Northern homes can inform us about how heat and air can move from the occupied space into the under-roof space of a building.


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