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Building ventilation diagnosis, improvement, repair, inspection, standards & specifications:

These articles explain how to inspect, diagnose and repair ventilation problems in buildings.

We suggest building ventilation methods and we describe the pros and cons of different ventilation approaches used to assure good indoor air quality, low building energy usage, and minimal building moisture problems.

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Building Ventilation Design, Inspection, Diagnosis, Cure: key articles

Window condensation (C) Daniel FriedmanInformation is provided about visual clues of building condition as well as direct inspection for the presence or absence of proper building ventilation systems, pathways, and moisture and air barriers to stop leaks where we do not want ventilation.

Our page top sketch explaining the wind-washing effect on attic insulation is provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates.

At left we show an example of severe indoor condensation at a window.

In the articles listed here we explain how to identify and correct various building leaks, moisture, and venting problems such as ice dams, blocked attic ventilation, excessive indoor humidity, how to prevent indoor mold, and how to respond to building floods and similar emergencies.

Our photo (above-left) shows extreme condensation at a building basement window. Moisture at this level risks severe mold growth which can be costly to clean up, and over a longer time this condition invites rot or insect attack on the building.

Below is our list of articles on the diagnosis and cure of building ventilation problems.

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