Rainwater storage cistern in San Miguel de Allende Mexico (C) Daniel FriedmanWater Sources, Water Conservation Choices & Techniques
How to Save Water, Store Water, Find More Water for Drinking or Irrigation

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Water sources & water conservation & use:

How to obtain, conserve & use water efficiently & how to find & store water for use in buildings.

This article lists suggestions for water conservation in or around buildings through a very wide range of approaches such as equipment choices, plumbing leak detection & repairs, water saving fixtures, water use conservation, and finding alternative sources for water supply & water storage.

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An Enormous Number of Ways to Save Water, Store Water, Find More Water - some quite easy

Waterless urinal uses no water at all (C) Daniel FriedmanWhile some politicians and other interested parties continue to debate the rate of global warming and its effects on the availability of water world wide, in the U.S. the Grand Canyon water levels are returning to their historic and lower levels that are likely to remain below what the Canyon saw during the past 100 years.

The New York Times reported in 2014 that water shortages in much of the western United States are evolving into the worst drought in more than a century, adding that in California alone "... 17 rural communities in the state ... are in danger of running out of water within 60-120 days ... We are on track for having the worst drought in 500 years,...". - The New York Times, Nagourney-Lovett 2014

And about three fourths of community water systems and nearly all rural homes in the U.S. rely on groundwater-supplied systems, including about 15% of the U.S. population who rely on private, individual water wells. - U.S. EPA 2003

Worrisome as well are reports that the increased search for more water in dry areas leads to ever deeper drilling into aquifers that at least in some areas store very old water that will not be replenished in the coming century. Its nearly 16 million water wells makes the U.S. the second largest water well driller in the world. (India is No. 1).

The National Ground Water Association estimates that 44.0% of the US population is dependent on groundwater for its drinking water supply. - & NGWRA sources retrieved 2/3/14

This article collects suggestions for water conservation, storage, and well yield improvement that range in cost and trouble from nearly-free to expensive, including some easy and quick-to implement ideas grouped by four water conservation and source approaches we describe just below.

Our photo (above left) illustrates where water conservation is headed: the ultimate in water-savings plumbing fixtures: a urinal that uses no water whatsoever. [Click to enlarge any image]

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Four Approaches to Water Conservation, Water Sources, Water Storage & Water Re-Use

But you do not need to go to the expense of ripping out and replacing toilets and urinals to save water in buildings. Here in a series of suggestions grouped by ease and cost, we describe the following water conservation approaches:

For each water savings, use, or storage suggestion we link to articles providing more how-to details, research, and product sources.

Ways to conserve water - use less & waste less water in your building

Natural landscaping, Pheonix Arizona (C) Daniel Friedman 2009Conservation of water is an important part of any response to climate change, increasingly dry conditions in some areas, population increase, and the double whammy of reduced water availability and contamination of existing water sources in many parts of the world.

Our photo (left) illustrates water conservation by planting with the local climate in mind, using plants that require very little water and that are native to the environment - in Surprise, Arizona.

Find & Fix Plumbing & Heating System Leaks

Watch out: in many buildings the top priority step to conserve water is to find and fix water leaks such as running toilets and dripping faucets. It makes sense to take this step as soon as you can, certainly before replacing appliances & faucets with water conserving models.

Dripping faucet (C) Daniel FriedmanThe US EPA estimates that one in ten homes has leaks wasting 90 or more gallons of water a day, that the average household's leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, and that household leaks in the United States alone waste more than a trillion gallons of water a year - enough to supply over eleven million homes. - U.S. EPA (2014)

Find plumbing & heating leaks by these easy methods:

Inspect & Repair or Upgrade these Points of Water Leaks or Unnecessary Water Use

Condensation on a running toilet (C) Daniel Friedman Water saving toilet: toilet tank-sink combination (C) Daniel Friedman Top flush flush valve toilet Glacie Bay (C) Daniel Friedman Top flush flush valve toilet Glacie Bay (C) Daniel Friedman

Ways to re-use water: graywater systems, water re-use approaches

Aqua2use Grey Water System (C) Water Wise

Ways to store rainwater, graywater, or water from other sources for use or re-use, with or without treatment and filtering as needled

Large water storage tank addresses a low yield well problem (C) Daniel Friedman

Ways to find more water for storage or use at your home or other facility


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Also see these tables of daily and peak water and hot water quantity and usage:



PLUMBING DRAIN FIXTURE UNITS DFUs - measure of the wastewater volume or loading of a drain waste or vent system

SEWAGE FLOW & DESIGN FLOW ESTIMATES - plumbing fixture flow rates


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