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FAQs on finding manuals, parts lists, wiring diagrams for HVAC equipment: air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, heaters

Questions & answers on how to find manuals for Air Conditioners, Boilers, Furnaces, Heat Pumps.

This article series provides free downloadable copies of installation and service manuals for heating, heat pump, and air conditioning equipment, or contact information for the manufacturers who can provide that information for nearly all major brands of HVAC equipment.

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FAQs on Finding Manuals, Guides, Wiring for Heaters, Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Boilers

Armstrong gas furnace GUK075D14-19 - energy efficiency study (2013)Questions & answers about how to find manuals, wiring diagrams, instructions, repair procedures, installation & operation guides for all equipment found in residential and light-commercial buildings, posted originally at MANUALS & PARTS GUIDES - HVAC

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Lists of Links to free PDF file manual downloads & manufacturer contact information:

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On 2017-07-27 by (mod) - rattling HVAC blower fan

Interesting, Peter.

Perhaps the screen and filter were themselves loose?


With power OFF you might see if the squirrel cage blower fan wiggles in its mount - signaling a worn fan bearing, or if there is a loose pully if your fan isn't a direct-drive unit.

Sometimes when a fan part is rattling around if we simply disturb it or change the air flow through it the rattling will cease or change - for a time.

We can fix the problem when we know what's loose.

On 2017-07-27 by PETER

I have a 1968 'American Standard' gas forced air furnace.
The fan unit starts to rattle and make noise when the heater is started.
The noise stopped when I removed the louvered screen and filter.
Any ideas on what is causing this; and How to fix the problem?

On 2016-12-28 by (mod) ruud 1998 spit unit on heater doesnt blow hot air

Robert some helpful diagnostics are found by searching inspectApedia for NO FURNACE HEAT or for this phrase "DIAGNOSE & FIX HEATING PROBLEMS-FURNACE "

On 2016-12-28 by Robert windham

ruud 1998 spit unit on heater doesnt blow hot air ,unit on roof

On 2016-12-10 by (mod) wiring a 1972 model comfort aire heat pump

Take a look at the Comfort Aire link in this article for contact information that might yield a circuit diagram.

There you'll see contact information for the company:

On 2016-12-09 by james

ok guys, heres a blast from the past. I am rewiring a 1972 model comfort aire heat pump and i cannot find the schematic diagram. any suggestions?

On 2016-11-18 by (mod) Goodman/Janitrol (1982 model) home furnace


I'm not sure about a 1982 model - but on current Goodman gas furnaces the igniter is electronic, so you won't see a pilot. The igniter is a ceramic and wire spark generator over the gas burner. Following wires at the burner area will point to it.

If yours is an older model that uses an actual pilot flame then there will be a thermocouple - search Inspectapedia for THERMOCOUPLE to see what that component looks like, then follow the small copper tube from the gas valve towards the burner.

On 2016-11-18 by Ricowill44


I have a Goodman/Janitrol (1982 model) home furnace. Can someone please tell me where the pilot/igniter is located?

Thus far, I haven't seen any buttons/switches that say 'pilot' or 'igniter'.

Thanks in advance!

On 2016-11-18 by (mod) 1999 comfort maker


Most-likely you're un-screwing a thumbscrew - a fastener designed to permit loosening by hand or without a screwdriver or nut-driver.

If you needed to buy one you'd ask for a "knurled thumbscrew" but you'd need to know the length and thread size and type of the knurled thumbscrew to get the right one. Best would be to take one of the remaining ones that you haven't lost over to a hardware store for matching, or to a heating supplier, or to a fastener supplier. Rhino, for example, makes and sells knurled thumbscrews online, as do Morton Machine Works, RAF Electronic, Winco, Gibraltar, and Nemco.

On 2016-11-18 by tammy

i have 1999 comfort maker in order to take the door i have unscrew a cap like what is screw what is it called called thx a customer

On 2016-10-20 by (mod) peerless jotw-150-Wpc

Typically you need at least 1 of open air intake per 1000 input BTUH of the heater. That's open space. So if the air intake is screened or louvered you need to increase the of air intake accordingly. Please search for COMBUSTION AIR REQUIREMENTS to read details.

On 2016-10-19 by Joe Simon

Email is.

I am a general contractor doing a finished basement and enclosing the mechanical room ( boiler& furnace ) the village we are working in is requiring the combustion air necessary for that equipment as in what size fresh air duct we would need to adequately supply this mechanical room. The existing boiler is a peerless jotw-150-Wpc Ser# jotw128540-1193 the new furnace is a rheem rocb072po4 oil fired model If you could help in what I need for make our combustion air I would greatly appreciate it !!!!!

On 2016-09-16 by (mod) furnace won't shut off

First try disconnecting the thermostat wires at the furnace control. If that turns off the heater then we suspect that the thermostat wires are shorted together. If not the problem is in the furnace control at the unit not the thermostat.

First see the diagnostics at FAN WONT STOP - LIMIT SWITCH -

On 2016-09-14 by JaymeB

My furnace won't shut off even with the thermostat set to cool or turned off. I had to switch off the breaker. Any ideas on what's wrong?

On 2016-08-06 by (mod) wiring diagram for an old GE/Trane condenser unit


See TRANE AIR CONDITIONERS & HEAT PUMPS manuals & wiring diagrams & contact information

First I'd look inside the covers as often the condenser includes a wiring diagram.

Second if you don't have the installation manual (that also includes a wiring diagram for most cases),
I'd contact Trane at
Trane AC
6200 Troup Highway
Tyler, TX 75707

On 2016-08-05 by bob

I need a wiring diagram for an old GE/Trane condenser unit BTN936A100B2.

On 2016-01-04 by (mod) 2010 version of arcoaire hydra boiler for hot water radiation

Yes, Bob, it sounds as if more air needs to be purged from the system. Search InspectApedia for AIRBOUND HEATING SYSTEM to see two repair procedures.

On 2016-01-04 by Bob moore

Have a 2010 version of arcoaire hydra boiler for hot water radiation. After bleeding system and draining holdong tank the unit is whistling and gurgling. Any suggestions

On 2015-12-14 by (mod) Armstrong Gas Heater. Model # 113-G8-80


Have you tried contacting Armstrong Air at 215 Metropolitan Drive, West Columbia, SC 29170 • 1-800-448-5872 - they also have a website:

On 2015-12-14 by Peg

Hi. We're trying to find a manual for an older residential Armstrong Gas Heater. Model # 113-G8-80 (as best we can tell from unit), Serial # D G7. It's an 80k btu natural gas forced air furnace. Would anyone have anything close to this model? email is phone is 508-485-0500. Thanks again so much for any assistance you can provide.

On 2015-11-16 by Anonymous

trane ych1

Question: service manual for carrier PWD-4d, Boiler #BW2AAN000105ABAA

(Oct 25, 2011) Cindy Bruno said:
We are looking for a service manual for carrier PWD-4d, Boiler #BW2AAN000105ABAA, s/n 3808V02457 We can't find one in all of our webb site. Please help.


Cindy, we took our online copies of most manuals offline in response to Google's search and site characterization procedures. Let me research this boiler and I'll see what I can find asap.

Also as you'll see (with live links) in our references section below,

Carrier Heating Boilers - residential, Carrier Corporation, lists current Carrier heating boiler products at this link:
residential [DOT] carrier [DOT] com/products/boilers/index [DOT] shtml but you will have to trace through some links to find the downloads for individual current product installation and service manuals such as Carrier's Model BW9 Gas-Fired Direct-Vent Condensing Water Boiler User's Information Manual.

Question: check sheet and manual for weil mclain model LBG SERIES 2

(Jan 24, 2012) AL said:
Looking for a free check sheet and manuel for weil mclain model LBG SERIES 2

(Oct 16, 2012) Brenda said:
This the deal Nicor hit our main water line so we were without water or heat. Then after the repair was finished the water came in with such great force that it blew the pressure release valve open.Now they are stuck open(up) and the pipe going into the boiler leaks what do I need to do to reverse all of this

(Apr 3, 2014) Mark Christopher said:
When converting a 95% Efficient 2-Stage 90,000BTU furnace from Natural Gas to LP Gas (Propane), what can go wrong if the contractor installs the wrong size gas orifices? For example, if the proper LP Gas orifice is supposed to be size 1.15 (.0453 dia) ..what can happen if he installed size 54 (.0550 dia)? Specifically, can an oversize LP gas orifice cause excessive soot and eventually plug the heat exchanger?


Mark let's just post a question in one place - rather than four, quadrupling my work.
See where in the FAQs we addressed this when that post was first seen.

Question: downloadable 1992 copy of the warranty for Buderus boiler

(June 12, 2014) Sylvia Ruth Gray said:
How can I access a downloadable 1992 copy of the warranty for Buderus boiler?


Sylvia we don't have the Buderus boiler manual at hand (but we're working on it)

Meanwhile contact the company directly at

Buderus USA
Bosch Thermotechnology
50 Wentworth Avenue
Londonderry NH, 03053
Toll Free: 800-283-3787
Fax Numbers
GENERAL FAX: 603-965-7567
TECH SUPPORT FAX: 603-965-7581

Question: Addison Split System parts needed, manual source, humming motor

(June 21, 2014) Doris Aldini said:
We have an ADDISON SPLIT SYSTEM (1970) AND we get only humming from the outside unit. We can be reached at 845 856 0381 Thanks!

Addison Products Company, Addison, Michigan. Outdoor fan motor serial # 28307175397 Mode Number SF93C-1 Fan Motor 1.3 amps Horse Power 1/6 is the unit we have dated 1970 but the house was built in 1984. Well we can hear humming and was wondering if you have a manual to this unit? Thanks!



Give Addison a call or email to obtain a manual:
7050 Overland Road,
Orlando, FL 32810
Telephone: 407.292.4400
Fax: 407.290.1329

Question: furnace wall clearance distances

(Aug 8, 2014) Tammy Montray said:
Looking to find out the allowable wall clearance for building around the furnace. We have a wall that is 4 inches away from the side of furnace. All other sides are accessible. Is this wall placement ok. Building inspector says they follow manufacturer recommendation and I can't find Manuel. Please advise. Thank you. Email is:



If your furnace is a recent model you can identify it's brand, model, serial number, then give the manufacturer a call to obtain the clearances and to ask for a copy of the installation manual. From just your note we can't say a thing - as we don't know what furnace you're describing.

Question: split system Carrier equipment wiring

(Sept 6, 2014) Anonymous said:
how to waring carrier split ac


Anon, wiring instructions are provided with the equipment and are equipment dependent except for very general remarks like providing a service switch, following the NEC, &c.

Question: Arcoaire gas unit specs? Olsen Gas Furnace manual

(Sept 23, 2014) Anonymous said:
Need specs for arcoaire PGD324040K001C1 gas package unit

(Dec 8, 2014) james dunlop said:
i have an old olsen was-58a gas furnace.
serial number shows up as : n-w-1358a
there is no diagram for lighting the furnace, and no troubleshooting guide. i have tried the olsen/airco page, but, nothing is listed there at all... :/ stuck, stumped, and freezing my buns off... any ideas?



You can contact Olsen / Airco at where you'll find contact data for the U.S. or Canada

In the U.S.

Olsen/Airco Heating & Cooling Products - USA
P.O. Box 4729
2201 Dwyer Ave., Utica, NY 13504

Phone: (315) 797-1310

Homeowner Assistance Call: 866-847-6656

Question: source for a Cambrian Inter-City Oil Furnace

Serial #045697 said:
Please send information and manual for 40 yr old Cambrian Inter-City oil furnace.



In the article above you can find data on manuals and parts for Inter City furnaces.

Question: manual for older Burnham furnace

(Feb 12, 2015) Danny said:
We have an older Burnham boiler which now makes a humming noise when the water pump kicks on. Is there a simple preventative thing we can do to stop that like adding oil or something? If so where does one do that? There is no model number on the outside of this furnace so even Burnham can't really help us. Thanks


If the sound is coming from the motor itself it may need replacement; if the sound is coming from a control it may just be a buzzing relay that needs to be replaced. Most such motors are rather standard - take the old parts to your HVAC service supplier for an equivalent replacement.

Question: Service manual for a Leenox Pulse furnace #G1403-80-C3

(Feb 21, 2015) Russ said:
I need a service manual for a Leenox Pulse furnace #G1403-80-C3


Please see the Lennox contact information in the article above - Lennox will be glad to give you a manual, possibly at no cost.

Question: Johnson Corporation Garage Heater Model# KAS130A

(July 7, 2015) garage heater said:
Anyone know where i can get info on a Johnson Corporation Garage Heater Model# KAS130A


See Johnson Controls.

Question: summer furnace settings

(July 19, 2015) sharon said:
How do I reverse or change the furnace for the summer


Sharon, see the procedure at COOL OFF HEAT, THERMOSTAT SWITCH

Question: Rudd central air conditioner - can't read model number. Burned out circuit board.

(Aug 13, 2015) JOHN said:

I have a Rudd central air cond. The printed circuit board on the condenser side burned out .I dont know the mod.Number but I hace the ac unit model and serial numbers. How can I find the part?


John you will need the outdoor condenser model and serial number; if they were installed at the same time, some photos or your manuals will identify the equipment. Otherwise take the old board to your local supplier for help matching a replacement unit.

Question: short cycling Lennox model No. G20RQ3E-75-5, gas heat

(Oct 4, 2015) Ed Koonce said:
My Lennox hvac unit short cycles on heat, staying on for only about a minute. It's a model No. G20RQ3E-75-5, gas heat. Please advise. It doesn't appear to have a flame sensor, but has a button thermostat above the burners. Thanks: Ed.



Question: need Rheem Gaspack help

2015/10/24 floyd said:
need help dianoising rheem gaspack


Floyd in looking for Rheem manuals, the article above provides contact information & sources.

Question: Service manual for a Magic Chef Model EG6E80DC16-1

2015/10/25 Mike said:
I am looking for a service manual for a Magic Chef Model EG6E80DC16-1
Thank you.


Sure Mike, see Magic Chef Appliances & Manuals, also support for Ewave, Norpole, Sunbeam & Oster

Question: York Heat Pump wiring diagram Model ea120cooa4aaa1a

Anonymous said:
I need a wiring diagram for york heat pump model ea120cooa4aaa1a


Anon you can get the manual you need at YORK Manuals and the manual has the wiring diagram.


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