Shingles stored outdoors (C) Daniel Friedman Roof Shingle Storage Conditions vs. Roof Life

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Roof shingle storage guidelines:

Improper storage & handling at the building supplier or jobsite can shorten the life of roof materials. This article explains why asphalt roof shingle storage conditions and handling both at the building supplier and at the job site can have a marked effect on future roof life.

Absorption of water in shingles not protected from the weather, exposure to high temperatures, cold temperatures, and improper handling all can result in early failure of the roof and the need for costly repairs.

Often we can correlate a pattern of failed roof shingles with improper storage and damage to individual shingle bundles.

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Storage of Asphalt Shingles: supplier or jobsite storage concerns

Improperly stored asphalt shingle absorbs water (C) Daniel Friedman

Roofing material storage conditions before & during installation can cause early roof failure and leaks and may also violate the roofing manufacturer's warranty.

Our photo at left shows water absorbed and soaked shingles taken from the middle of a pallet of asphalt roof shingles. [Click to enlarge any image or photo]. Here are additional roof shingle storage conditions that affect the future life of the roof:

Shingles stored outdoors (C) Daniel Friedman

How to Distinguish Shingle Storage Defects from Manufacturing Defects

Shingle laddering shows up granule loss probably due to storage (C) Daniel Friedman

The home above, observed in Haddonfield New Jersey in the U.S., illustrates granule loss from asphalt roof shingles that were installed in a ladder pattern on the roof. If just about 100 sq.ft. of shingles were failing before the rest of the roof I'd suspect that the top of a pallet of shingles was left exposed to the weather and was damaged. When more of the roof shows this failure pattern but we still see such uneven wear, I suspect that more extensive or longer-duration storage problems may be at fault.

[Click to enlarge any image]

While granule loss has appeared on individual groups of these shingles - the darker ones - before their neighbours, a closer look at the roof shows that many more shingles are also losing their protective granules. You can see this in the photo below both at left-center and along the upper right side of my picture.

Asphalt shingle granule loss shows in a ladder pattern, probably a storage issue (C) Daniel Friedman

Because it is most likely that all of the shingles at an individual residential roofing job came from the same pallet and were produced in the same shingle manufacturing run, when I see un-even wear like this all on a single roof slope exposed to the same sun and weather conditions, I do not think this is a defective roofing product.

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