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Guide to the Honeywell L8148-series aquastat controls on heating equipment:

Features & applications for the L8148 Aquastat and links to product features & wiring or installation instructions for this and other Honeywell aquastats in current use for oil or gas fired heating equipment as well as some electric boiler equipment.

This article series explains how aquastats work and what the different aquastat controls are, what they do, and how they are set. We define the HI LO and DIFF controls on heating boiler aquastats and explains what they do and how they work. We explain the location and use of the heating boiler reset button found on aquastats.

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Honeywell L8148 Series Aquastats

Honeywell L8148E Aquastast internal view (C) Honeywell & InspectApedia

Excerpting from Honeywell's manual for this controller,

The L8148 Aquastat¬ģ Relays are immersion type hydronic controllers that combine high limit protection with switching relay control of burner and circulator motors.

This Honeywell L8124-series aquastat

Question: L4148e 1257, L4148E 1265 & L4148e 1299 aquastat model differences -> L8148 Aquastat models & manual

2016/11/10 Gary said:

Would like to know what the difference is between the L4148e 1257, L4148E 1265 and the L4148e 1299 model aqua stats. Thanks

Reply: Honeywell L8148-series aquastat model differences

Honeywell offers aquastat controllers for both oil and gas fired heating equipment such as hydronic (hot water) heating boilers and water heaters. Both single function (high limit or low limit are separate controls) and multi-function aquastats are provided.

I have not found an L4148 series such as in your question. Guessing you meant L8148 I note:

The Honeywell L8148 series aquastats are used on hydronic heating equipment and use an immersion-well sensor to inform the aquastast of the boiler temperature.

Often an alternative case is available to convert vertical to horizontal mount for these controllers.

A link to the Installation and Operating guide and cross reference manual from Honeywell is give in the article above.

Manual for the Honeywell L8148 series Aquastat Relays


Continue reading at AQUASTAT HI LO DIFF SETTINGS that explains the best settings to use & how & when to disable the LOW & DIFF controls or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.

Or see MANUALS for HEATING SYSTEM CONTROLS for a list of aquastat installation & repair guides

Or see this

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