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Aluminum roofs:

This article describes aluminum roofing materials, choices, installations, inspection, defects, roofing repairs, and product sources.

Aluminum metal roofing, first used in the U.S. in 1890 on Philadelphia's City Hall, difficult to solder, relied on mechanical joints and slope to shed water.

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Aluminum Metal Roofing System Properties

Aluminum roofing (C) Daniel FriedmanAluminum that is anodized or painted is highly resistant to corrosion, making it well-suited to coastal environments provided it is factory-coated with a suitable finish. (although lightweight aluminum flashings tend to pit and oxidize in salty air).

Aluminum roofing's light weight is an advantage in reroofing. Aluminum roofing also reflects heat and may thus reduce building cooling costs in hot sunny climates.

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Because of its high coefficient of expansion, however, attachment systems must be designed to accommodate the movement of long aluminum roof panels.

And since it has a lower tensile strength than steel, more fasteners may be required to achieve wind ratings comparable to a steel roof.

Aluminum roofing, softer than steel or copper, dents easily and so may suffer cosmetic damage from hail. Hail damage is reduced if the aluminum panels are well secured to solid roof decking.

Also, aluminum has a low melting point so it relies on two layers of fire-resistant underlayment, such as VersaShield, to get a Class A fire rating.

Most aluminum used in roofing has a baked-on paint finish rather than an anodized finish. Although anodized aluminum is less costly, new paint technologies such as Kynar® and Hylar® carry better warranties and are available with a low-gloss finish generally favored on roofs. Some coated aluminum products come with transferable lifetime warranties.

Aluminum roof noise

Depending on how the roof is installed, secured, and insulated, an aluminum metal roof may be noisy.

See ROOF NOISE TRANSMISSION where we describe the noise transmission properties of metal roofing.

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Factors Affecting Aluminum Roof Life

According to the US NPS,

Metal roofs have a long history of use, although improvements have occurred in shop fabrication methods and new sealant materials. Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of rib configurations, colors, and slope configurations.

Architectural systems use an underlying deck to provide structural support, while structural standing seam metal roofs provides an integral supporting frame. Structural systems can be used to retrofit an existing flat roof deck to provide improved drainage. Sealant is required at valleys, gutters, and drains, to ensure water tightness.

Aluminum Metal Roofing - Product sources

Just below we list sources of aluminum roofing products. Also see details about the properties of aluminum roofing at Aluminum Metal Roofing System Properties

Where to Buy Aluminum Roofing

Details about the properties of aluminum roofing are found at Aluminum Metal Roofing System Properties

The patched corrugated metal roofing shown below (left) covers a pre-1900 home currently used as a parsonage in Dover Plains, NY. This roof was a mix of corrugated galvanized steel and corrugated aluminum roofing.

Metal roofing examples (C) Daniel Friedman

At CORRUGATED ROOFING we discuss all types of corrugated roofing products: metal and others.

Metal Roofing Sources, Products, & Manufacturers

Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction lists these producers and sources of metal roofing, metal roof fastening systems, and related metal roofing products

-- Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction.

Continue reading at CORRUGATED ROOFING or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.


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