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Moffat electric range & oven repair:

Moffit electric range repairs discussed here include a question about use of asbestos insulation in a 1950's Moffat electric range and oven, repairs to a broken Moffat oven door, and wiring diagrams for the Moffat electric range.

Page top photo: a 1958 Moffat electric range and oven combination still in use.

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Repairing a 1950's Moffat Electric Range

Question: Do 1950's era Moffat Stoves, Ranges, & Ovens contain asbestos?

Moffat electric range, 1950's insulation & oven door hinge repair (C)

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Can you tell me if this insulation, in a Moffat 1958 kitchen stove model 30D25 contains asbestos?

Thanks so much - Anonymous, 2016/05/12 by private email


Asbestos was used as insulation in some stoves and other home appliances as well and asbestos is specifically cited in advertising for earlier model Moffat stoves from 1909 but I did not find asbestos specifically described for your 1958 Moffat kitchen stove.

While a lab test would be needed for an authoritative answer, and begging off as well that I can only see what's in your photos - that may not address all areas or components of the stove, what I see in your photos looks like fiberglass insulation.

See the Moffat range insulation photos below.

Moffat kitchen stove 1958 - insulation (C) BJ Moffat kitchen stove 1958 - insulation (C) BJ Moffat kitchen stove 1958 - insulation (C) BJ

A Tiny History of Moffat Stoves

Moffat was a Scot, born in Glasgow, whose family migrated to Owen Sound, Canada in the 1880's. The Thomas L. Moffat stove company was a Canadian firm, with (foundry?) locations in Markdale, in Grey County, in Weston Ontario, in Winnipeg, and in Calgary for which I've found that a Moffat stove was shown at the Canadian 1905 exposition.

Moffat stove 1909 w asbestos (C) InspectApedia

And I've found Moffat stove ads from 1909. Those early stoves used a fire-brick combustion chamber liner and the stove indeed included asbestos components - heat guards that are discussed in early ads - probably cement-asbestos material. If you're in Canada it might be easier to find more about the 1950's version of these stoves.

This website has a collection of Moffat stoves - but offers no help about asbestos

Can you also send me a photo of the stove exterior and of any data tags? That might help with research.

Reader follow-up:

Moffat electric range 1950's (C)

The stove is indeed a tough old girl: I've been a professional chocolatier for 25 years with this stove as my steady workhorse. I owe her my career and surely that can include a repair now and then. I'll check out the options you have suggested. Thank you so much--I'll let you know how it goes.

p.s. What do you think about my buying some Frigidaire stove insulation and using it? Exactly what do you mean by "in place in the stove body?" The original insulation appears to be jammed behind the firebox. I was planning on filling the side panels with a sheet of insulation on each side - and found some Frigidaire "official replacement part" insulation approx. the same size as the sides.

That sounded like an improvement over the Roxul that I used a few years ago in the side panels. (It is definitely a 30" beauty, and it was precisely BECAUSE the door didn't close tightly with that broken hinge that I used the Roxul in the first place. THIS time I'd like to repair it correctly.)

Reply: repairs to a Moffat electric range oven door

I would not try a makeshift door repair as if it doesn't close properly you'll have ugly and even possibly unsafe leakage (a fire hazard) when using the oven.

If you search on 1950's Moffat Stove you 'll find several enthusiasts who've posted kudos and photos. Pick up those emails and ask if they'd help you with the hinges with some photos of the door in open, closed, position, the removal and re=installation procedure, photos of the door hinge parts with door removed and installed;

Moffats are still sold in Canada: see

You might also find an appliance junkyard that has the necessary hinges but you'll need to match the stove model accurately. As your wiring diagram is for models 30 D 25 and 24 D 25 (and the first number is probably stove width) yours is probably a 30-inch Moffit Model D25 from 1958.

This parts supplier has some Moffat parts

Check out these Moffat hinges

or if that link doesn't work for you search their website for Moffat D25 Hinge and they also claim to have manuals that may show the hinge details

Reader follow-up: wiring diagram for a Moffat electric range

I've searched high and low but can only locate 2 places where information is printed, each time on aging paper: the one larger sheet with the Moffat's Ltd wiring diagram

/phase-3 wire model 30D25 24D25 date Aug 25-58 drawn by Fowler drawing no c31782

Wiring schematic for a Moffat electric range (C)

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The other one listing the patents and that was manufactured in Weston, Ontario.

Between the oven door and the oven drawer was the plate with model and serial number: Model 30D25. Serial number: 650259, Weston Ontario. What other specs are you looking for?

I hope that is helpful. Sorry about the crappy photos. I can send another one (hopefully NOT crappy) of the entire stove once we reattach side panels and front door. And thanks for even considering the hinge mechanism. I might ask another owner/seller about that, but since you have to remove the side panel I think it unlikely that anyone will be willing to do that in order to help.

Moffat Stove Patents Illustrate History & Components of Moffat Electric Ranges & Ovens

Moffat stove patent list and historical data -

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Above are listed the Moffat Electric Range patents in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa. Researching these specific patent applications can provide details about the Moffat range design, materials, used, presence of asbestos and other information.


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