Zinsco Sylvania GTE identifying Label (C) J Simmons D FriedmanHow to Identify Kearney or B&C Kearney Electrical Panels & Circuit Breakers

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Here we provide text, labels, and equipment photographs used to help identify Kearney electrical panels and circuit breakers, and we include photographs of this Zinsco look alike sold by Kearney, a division of Kearney National, Tucker Georgia. This product included labeling indicating that owners should use Zinsco brand circuit breakers.

This website discusses the electrical, fire, and shock hazards associated with Zinsco electrical components, circuit breakers, electrical panels, including certain Sylvania-Zinsco electrical panels and breakers which are in fact of the same product design and origin.

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IDENTIFY KEARNEY - How to Identify Kearney Electrical Panels - Zinsco-like Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers

Kearney electrical panelWe have received field reports from electricians and home inspectors who observe that Kearney™ electrical panels look a lot like Zinsco's.

NACHI inspector Joe Funderburk reports from a field inspection that the Kearney panel included an identification label identifying the Kearney Corporation in Tucker, Georgia.

(Photos of a Kearney electrical panel circuit breaker set and bus design courtesy of Mr. Funderburk).

Here is another photo of Kearney circuit breakers in a Kearney Electrical Panel.

Another inspector has reported that the panel s/he examined was identified as B&C Kearney and included in-panel label says to use ZINSCO circuit breakers. Kearney was owned by Cooper Industries, Zinsco was owned by Thomas & Betts. The Kearney electrical panel door label (photo below) indicates that Kearney was a division of Kearney National, Tucker, Georgia.

Therefore the same Zinsco safety and functional concerns discussed at ZINSCO SYLVANIA ELECTRICAL PANELS should be applied to this Kearney-Zinsco equipment.

Kearney electrical panels have been reported to have "L" shaped bus bars. Below we include a photograph of an identifying label in a Kearney electrical panel.

Kearney Electrical Panel Labeling

Kearney electrical panel ID lable (C) D Friedman J FunderburkFrom these preliminary reports it appears that Kearney Corporation made an electrical panel with a bus intended to accept Zinsco circuit breakers.

The Kearney panel door label (left) is labeled No. 102-0050.

Kearney made other electrical products including high voltage fuses.

We invite field reports and photographs from owners of buildings containing a Kearney electrical panel and we'd like to hear from electricians and home inspectors who encounter this product.

Photographs of the entire Kearney electrical panel, circuit breakers, bus design, panel labels, circuit breaker labels, and any evidence of product failures such as burnt buses, overheated circuit breakers, or other defects would be helpful to the inspection and electrical professions and will be reported here.

Contact Us with field reports and photos. We are pleased to credit and link-to contributors.

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