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Hook-up Procedures for Heating, Heat Pump, or Air Conditioning Thermostats

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Thermostat wiring connections for the Azel i-Link multi-zone switching relay used to control HVAC equipment. This article gives a table showing the proper wire connections for the Azel i-Linkroom thermostat used to control heating or air conditioning equipment.

Room thermostat installation & wiring guides: this article series explains the basics of wiring connections at the thermostat for heating, heat pump, or air conditioning systems. Our page top sketch, courtesy of Honeywell Controls, illustrates the wiring diagram for a traditional Honeywell T87F thermostat used for 2-wire single pole single throw control of heating only in a typical gas-fired heating system.

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Azel i-Link Multi-Zone Switching Relay Wiring Details

In a radiant floor heating system that uses a controller, the additional thermostats must be wired to instruct that controller to send heat to their zones. Azel Technologies, a Canadian heating controller manufacturer, provides installation instructions and wiring diagrams for their controllers, including the Azel i-Link SP83-here is a copy.

Or contact Azel Technologies Inc., P.O. Box 53138 10 Royal Orchard Blvd. Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L3T 7R9 Ph: 905-223-5567 Fax: 905-223-3778 Email:, Website:

Reader Question: 3-zone radiant heat: Honeywell RHT2300B thermostat can't talk to Azel i-Link SP83 zone controller

I am installing a 3 zone in-floor radiant system in my home. Every thing is going well so far, except I am running into an issue where Honeywell (my T-Stat manufacture) is telling me my RHT2300B t-stat cannot be used with my in-floor zone controller (Azel i-Link sp-83) when I call their tech support hotline.

They cannot tell me why or what their letter designations mean.

I am an industrial controls electrician of 23 years, who I must confess, does not have much experience with HVAC.

All I need is a simple t-stat that sends voltage (24vac) when heat is called for to my controller and opens back up (back to zero volts) when the set-point is achieved. I am having a hard time believing that this t-stat is not capable of doing that. Can any one help?
Eric - Eric 9/9/11

Reply: get the thermostat and controller product numbers correct and it's easy to find wiring instructions


I found two important details in researching your question:

1. you gave me an in-valid Honeywell thermostat number, but I was able to guess at the correct one and easily obtain wiring instructions from Honeywell. Correctly your thermostat is the Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat - RTH2300B1012

2. For the Honeywell thermostat model that you mention, correctly named, Honeywell's instructions point out that

The [Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat - RTH2300B1012] thermostat cannot be used if your old thermostat had [and used] any two of the following wires: R, RC, RH, 4 and V.[5]

Call back and ask for senior service tech or service manager. So if, when you spoke with the Honeywell service technician, and if your old thermostat included and used any two of the wire labels I quote above, then indeed, even if s/he couldn't explain why, indeed you cannot use this thermostat model for your application.

Wiring details for the Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable thermostat are found at Honeywell Thermostat Wiring Guides


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