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Building access ramp landing or platform specifications & codes:

This document provides building code specifications, sketches, photographs, and examples of defects used in inspecting the landing or platform that may be required along indoor or outdoor building access ramps.

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Requirements & Building Code Citations for Landing Platforms at Access Ramps

New building access ramp (C) Daniel Friedman

Definition of landing or platform along a ramp

A ramp landing or platform is a flat area that may be required along a ramp or similar elevated walkway in order to provide adequate space for wheel chair turning at a change in ramp direction or to provide safe access space at the point of entry to or exit from a ramp.

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Generally the ramp landing or platform, like the one shown in our photo at left, will provide more space than the running width of the ramp itself.

Specifications for access ramp landing platforms

Make sure the ramp is properly designed in width, structural support, and that it includes a landing both at the upper end at a building entry/exit door, and where required by local code or ground surface conditions, also provide a landing platform at the ramp's lower end.

As we mentioned at our page to photo, the step at this building access ramp entry reduced the ramp slope to less than 1:12 but it created an obstruction for wheelchair users.

While the landing platform assists the users of this access ramp, what we had specified was that the ramp bottom end terminate at grade, without a step. And this platform is probably too short in the direction of travel. The "railings" along this ramp are not readily graspable, but as the ramp is nearly level, we considered them as a balcony railing not a handrail.

A Summary of Ramp Landing Specifications & Codes

The following access ramp specifications are excerpted from building codes cited at RAMP BUILDING CODES

Ramp Landing requirement: Ramps shall have landings at the bottom and top of each ramp, points of turning, entrance, exits and at doors and in accordance with Section 11-4.8.4. Landings shall comply with Sections 1010.6.1 through 1010.6.5.  - Florida Building Code 1010.6 Landings.

Ramp Landing slope: Landings shall have a slope not steeper than one unit vertical in 50 units horizontal (2-percent slope) in any direction. Changes in level are not permitted. - Florida Building Code 1010.6.1 Landings.

Ramp Landing width: The landing shall be at least as wide as the widest ramp run adjoining the landing. - Florida Building Code 1010.6.2 Landings.


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