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Antique & traditional log cabins & homes:

This article explains the inspection and diagnosis of rot and leak damage on older log homes and other log structures. This series of articles provides information on the inspection and diagnosis of damage to new and older log homes and includes description of log home insulation values and alternatives, and also a description of the characteristics of slab-sided log homes.

Our page top photo shows an antique log cabin in Molde, Norway.

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Guide to Inspection & Damage on Old & Antique Log Home Diagnosis & Repair Guide

Antique log home Susquehanna River Pennsylvania

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The antique log cabin shown in this photo was found along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania during a log cabin driving tour we took in 2007.

In photos and with comments below we point out some of the construction techniques and the resulting condition of these homes. These small cabins varied considerably in condition; the second cabin in this row was collapsing, almost certainly because its owner did not maintain the roof, which was collapsing when we found these homes.

The principal causes of extensive rot damage we observed on this string of log cabins along the river included:

Rot and insect damage at joint in log wall (C) Daniel Friedman

Rot at the ends or at lap joints of logs in an antique log homes is a principal point of damage on these structures, as evident in this photo (left) of an antique log structure in Molde, Norway.

Notice that it was the lower splice log that has suffered most in this construction detail.

Details for avoiding rot and insect damage at log ends in an antique log wall (C) Daniel Friedman

Notice the careful detailing at the log ends in this photo of another antique log structure in Norway?

Those sloping covers and sloping sides of wood piers shed water to extend the life of these wood members.

Below we show what happens when the ends of logs are not properly protected from water uptake.

Details for avoiding rot and insect damage at log ends in an antique log wall (C) Daniel Friedman

Here we show that a simple stone slab can break the insect and water path between the supporting structure of a log home and its wooden pier.

This construction detail was observed in many log homes in Norway.

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