Solid gas flame at the burner of a Cal-o-Rex glass lined LP gas water heater in Pozos, Guanajuato, Mexico. The flame dispersing cone is damaged. (C) Daniel Friedman (2015)Gas Burner Flame & Noise FAQs

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Gas burner operating defect & noise questions & answers:

Frequently-asked questions & answers about troubleshooting, fixing, or shutting off (for safety) gas appliances that are not working properly, giving gas burner noises or improper flame at the burner.

This article series gives descriptions and photographs of unsafe gas piping, indications of unsafe or improperly operating gas appliances, gas meters, and other gas installation defects are provided.

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Gas Flame & Noise Defect Q&A

Sooty gas burner (C) Daniel FriedmanThese questions & answers about troubleshooting gas burner flam noises and problems were posted originally at GAS BURNER FLAME & NOISE DEFECTS

On 2017-08-06 by (mod) Water not heating

We have some nice diagnostic procedures you can follow;

Using the InspectApedia search box just above to look for "NO HOT WATER" we find




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On 2017-08-06 by Anonymous

Water not heating

On 2017-07-12 by (mod) embers around the Goodman natural gas furnace gas burner


To be safe you should shut off that heater completely and leave it off until you have had it in examined and repaired by your heating service tech and or certified Chimney Sweep.

My concern is that when a gas burner is producing soot, ts operation is extremely dangerous as it is likely to produce also fatal carbon monoxide gas. The problem could be a blocked chimney, inadequate combustion air, a burner adjustment, or something else.

On 2017-07-12 by Jamie

I have a large Goodman natural gas furnace located inside my home.

I went to vacuum out the area it is in and found what appeared to be embers all around the unit and it looked as if they were coming from the welds in the appliance as well.

I'm very confused on what this could be. I'm not sure it was embers. They were black and hard and had what appeared to be ashes on them as well. I have completely shut the system off and have alternative heat sources but need to have this figured out.

On 2017-07-12 by (mod) is the burner set up for LP or natural gas?


A service tech or other trained professional would be expected to both attach a label and mark clearly on a gas appliance near the burner and at the data tag when appliance has been converted from LP to Natural Gas or from Natural Gas to LP, particularly when changing the burner from how it was shipped at the factory.

But a brother of yours might not do that.

Watch out: a gas appliance that is not set up for the actual gas fuel it is using is unsafe, risking fire, explosion, gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning or simply improper operation.

IN that case you'd need to

  1. observe that the gas flame and pressure are too weak or too strong
  2. look for markings and device changes at the appliance gas regulator - some are converted by removing a cap and flipping a metering orifice over, but others may work differently
  3. look at the gas orifice diameters and markings on the brass gas orifices themselves - typically stamped with a number and letter that decodes the size
  4. check with the appliance manufacturer about what orifice numbers are specified for natural gas and LP
  5. check the actual gas pressures being delivered

On 2017-06-15 by Ron Dacor ESG366 6 burner

I have a Dacor ESG366 6 burner. Was expensive when purchase years ago. My brother borrowed it for four years as i had it in storage.

I put it back in storage for another two years before i finally pulled it out and installed it. All went great until i turned it on. The burners burned blue flame but the flames fluttered (flittered?). There was not a strong flame and it was not a steady flame. All six burners operated the same. I changed the line (From main pipe) to the stove to a bigger line (3/8" to 1/2") and changed the regulator to a brand new one and still, same thing exactly.

Gas company test line from the main supply and was fine. They think the problem is that my stove is set up for LP and I have Natural Gas.

Is it possible my brother switched my range top over to LP? How could I tell? Everything looks "normal". Is it possible to test somehow?

I've had the appliance repair guy out and he tore the thing apart twice looking for bad connections, clogs, bends, etc..

On 2017-05-08 by (mod) Pilot light stays lighted until I turn the knob to run the furnace

I'm not sure, Donnie, perhaps a bad gas valve, air blowing out the pilot, or another safety control detecting an unsafe condition and shutting the system down. I'm unclear what "knob" you're turning.

On 2017-05-08 by Donnie

Pilot light stays lighted until I turn the knob to run the furnace then the pilot light goes out. What could the problem be ?

On 2017-04-21 by (mod) Our cooktop occasionally has a noise that sounds like gas rushing through


Watch out: for gas leaks and sudden ignition of a bolus of leaked gas that can cause a gas explosion.

With that scare out of the way, I suspect

- improper gas regulator adjustment - unlikely as that'd affect all of the burners
- a gas burner cap that is askew - this is the most likely

On 2017-04-20 by Jannie

Our cooktop occasionally has a noise that sounds like gas rushing through, a more pronounced noise. If you turn burner down it stops. Only one burner does this.

On 2017-02-08 by (mod) pilot keeps blowing, tripping, burning yellow


I'm not sure what's going on, nor what is meant by the piglet, but a yellow gas flame is usually unsafe, meaning there's a combustion air or chimney or burner problem.

Watch out: The risk is the production of fatal carbon monoxide. BE SURE you have working Carbon monoxide and fire / smoke detectors, and shut off any suspicious gas-fired equipment, then call for repair by a trained service tech.

On 2017-02-08 by Wade

My burner closest to the piglet keep blowing yellow then tripping the reset

On 2017-01-10 by (mod) popping sound coming from a new log set on propane

I don't know, Pat and I worry that it's unsafe. Perhaps something has become disturbed, broken, damaged, clogged (I've found spiders inside burners) as you've moved this gas log set four times, now.

On 2017-01-10 by Pat merrick

Had a popping sound coming from a bran new log set in a new home on propane. We eliminated everything in the line from 500 gallon propane tank to LP log set and finally hooked directly to tank and still have the same popping. What's in the propane that's causing it ? Air ? Burned the log set at 3 different location besides this home and it burned perfect. What's up

On 2017-01-03 by (mod) space heater has only one setting . it's too hot

Carol I'm unsure what the floor valve is. If that's a gas valve, adjusting it may be unsafe as an improper gas flame can produce fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

Let's find out the brand and model of your heater. Surely there's an instruction manual we can find that explains how to safely regulate its heat output.

On 2017-01-03 by carol

My space heater has only one setting . its to hot for our room. Is it safe for me to turn it down with floor valve

On 2016-12-31 3 by (mod) infra red ng space heater doesn't run right


Beware as the heater may be unsafe and could be producing fatal carbon monoxide - be SURE you have working CO detectors properly located.

This sounds like a control problem, perhaps a partly-clogged gas jet. I'd note the brand and model of the heater, then get my hands on the owners installation and repair manual to see what the manufacturer suggests. There will also be a technical support contact page in the manual.

On 2016-12-31 by Scott Marcrum

I installed a inferred ng space heater and the only way it runs smooth is if it's full blast at any lower settings it will start out ok but eventually start to flutter I'm not sure what to do

On 2016-12-05 by Alisha

I have an inferred 5 burner heater & the middle grate don't turn orange it burns a blue flame, I think because it has a very small chip on the grate. Is this safe????

On 2016-11-23 by shelly

Gas Propane single burner only heats up partley most of the time and some of the time it will not heat up turn on at all

On 2016-11-13 by (mod) mobile home gas flames are too low


Watch out: I suspect as do you that cold weather is the problem, perhaps because the LP gas regulator (I'm guessing what you have installed) is either defective (which means UNSAFE) or needs adjustment.

Sorry but this is NOT something a homeowner can do herself. You need the proper measuring equipment as well as a bit of training to repair or replace the regulator. A mistake such as a leak can blow you to kingdom come.

On 2016-11-13 by Joy

Can I wrap the Regulator and tank -100lb tank?

Mobile home- During cold weather ( 20 d) my heater and kitchen stove flames are low.

How do I fix this? I read all about the temperature change on here and still How Do I Fix This.???

On 2016-11-02 by John

I have a gas boiler installed in my home for heating. Recently during the night it lit up and there was a burning smell. I tryed to ignore it but I felt suffocating and rushed to the window. After that I closed it for the night. When I had it work again it did not create the same problem. Is there something wrong with the installation?

On 2016-10-14 by David

I recently had a gas stove installed in our kitchen. They had to convert to propane. The simmer burner flame is too high. Can we adjust it somehow? Is it possible the wrong orifice was installed?

On 2016-09-22 by Richard

I have been told mt home central heater is a fire hazard because the technician saw evidenc of a flame burn on the outside of the unit. He did not turn it on. Any thoughts?

On 2016-07-24 by (mod) buzzing noise that is coming from the combination gas valve.

Wily Coy

To have space and allow citations I've repeated your question and give a detailed reply now found at

GAS REGULATOR NOISES for details about the sorts of noises found at gas appliance regulators.


On 2016-07-24 by Wilycoyote

There is nothing in the troubleshooting manual about this problem.

I have a Wayne natural gas burner insert that replaced my oil fired Beckett burner in my furnace.
Occasionally there is a buzzing noise that is coming from the combination gas valve.

It is rare, intermittent, and stops after a minute or so, and usually does not reoccur this heat cycle.
The flame looks normal and the heater operates normally before/during/after each event.

What is this? Is it dangerous? Does it mean the gas valve is failing?

Question: One gas flame on my space heater is much higher and golden in colour than the others. Is this a problem ?

(Apr 28, 2015) kaye longman said:
One gas flame on my space heater is much higher and golden in colour than the others. Is this a problem ?

(July 19, 2015) ANDRIES said:

(Aug 4, 2015) Anonymous said:
my lpg firebow gas heater start making like a blurp blurp noise cant smell gas is this dangerous


Yes. Cleaning or adjustment are needed for safety and function.

IF you smell gas the situation is DANGEROUS as there is risk of a fire or explosion. In that case get everyone out of the building, don't operate swtiches or anything else that could cause a spark, and call for emergency help from another location.

If you do not smell gas but the heater is making noises it might still be unsafe - it depends on what's wrong. Uneven flame, improper combustion air mix or similar problems need to be repaired.


(Oct 20, 2015) Neil. said:
Gas fire rusting behind radiants what is cause


Moisture, perhaps from lack of use or lack of air circulation.

Question: high pressure, gas lifts off burners: unsafe

(Nov 5, 2015) prajakta said:
when I placed a new cylinder even after putting off the lower knob of cylinder the gas comes from the burners. when l approached to gas company the person told me that there is high pressure. l asked for replacement of cylinder. then he told me to replace burner and not cylinder. is he true ?


I'm not sure, Prajakta, as I don't understand exactly wha't going on with your water cylinder.

But what you describe is VERY DANGEROUS risking a fire or explosion.,

You should

1. Turn off the gas supply immediately if you haven't done so - and if there is gas or gas leakage in your building go outside immediately - don't even keep reading this article. Call for help from away from the building.

2. Ask your plumber or installer to check the gas regulators on your system. Whether you are using bottled gas (LP) or piped in natural gas, the system usually includes a first stage regulator at the source of gas supply - building or LP tank - and each appliance has its own individual pressure regulator.

I'm not sure what "pulling off the lower knob" means, but if your gas shut-off valve for the water heating cylinder does not shut off gas to that appliance then the shut-off is also defective and unsafe.


(Nov 14, 2015) Will Green said:
My house heater the last Burner is sparking flames it sounds like it has air in the burner what can I do to not have that happen so i can get heat


Sounds like a dirty or failed gas jet or regulator ... unsafe, risks fire, explosion or fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. I would turn the system off and call for repair.
flag like

Question: banging noise at one gas burner

(Dec 1, 2015) Brad said:
About a week or so ago, we discovered a weird banging sound that sounds like metal on metal coming from our steam boiler. Sure, we get lots of small bangs in the pipes throughout the house, which we had always assumed to be just air in the pipes. But this sound is different.

It doesn't come from the pipes--it seems to be just in the unit in the basement. It only makes the noise when the boiler fires up and the flames turn on. The sound is always louder in the beginning, and it gets slightly quieter over the following minutes. The speed varies--sometimes it is an irregular rhythm, and sometimes it is very steady.

The banging goes off when the flames turn off. The banging appears to be coming from one specific corner of the unit. I'm worried that it is a pump or fan of some sort. I took a video in one of the quieter moments and uploaded it to Youtube just in case it helps

/// we're checking out the link, Brad



Please take a look at

BANGING HEATING PIPES RADIATORS found at and let me know what questions remain.

I'll post links to your sound recording there as that may invite further comment from some of our steam experts. We will, of course keep the identity given at the youtube video anonymous here.

Often steam boiler noises showing up as banging pipes or radiators are traced to a condensate return problem. Please take a look at the suggestions on this page. If the boiler has at least a few years of previously soundless operation and the banging / clanking at the boiler is recent I suspect that the horizontal portion of the condensate return or steam supply line is debris-clogged. Ask your heating service technician to take a look at the system.

Watch out: ask your heating service technician to show you when and how to safely flush the steam boiler.

Question: plastic burning smell from DEO gas stsove

(Mar 4, 2016) ARUNYA DEVI P A said:
While we were using our deo gas stove in kitchen, we felt a plastic burning smell coming from it.then we saw a flame beneath the burner which was'on' mode.what was the complaint and how can solve dis?


Turn off gas supply to the stove immediately.

When the stove is cool, follow the instruction manual procedure for lifting or accessing the stove top area around the burners and beneath the stove top for cleaning. Look for something that was dropped or spilled into that area. There should be no combustible plastic around the burners.

Use the page top or bottom CONTACT link to send me photos for further comment if you like.

Question: wok burner lights on Euromaid gas cooktop

(Mar 6, 2016) Vera said:
I have Euromaid gas cooktop. For some reason the wok burner lights up around the ring rather than outside. What can I do?


Check for

- a mis-placed burner cap
- dirt or debris on the burner

Watch out: the situation you describe may be unsafe, risking fire or injury.

Question: bright orange flames in old wall heater

(Mar 28, 2016) bobby lema said:
I have an old wall heater that is now shooting out bright orange flames. what do I do?


Watch out: Shut off the gas supply, leave the heater off: else there is risk of fire, explosion, or carbon monoxide hazard. If you cannot find the gas valve for the heater (it may be inside its cover) or cannot safely access it, go shut off the building's main gas valve. If you cannot do that, ask your fire department for help.

The problem may be a gas leak, damaged burner, or something else.


(May 18, 2016) Chris said:
A missing radiant off a gas fire. Is it ID or AR ?



Question: gas ring making an airy noise

(June 29, 2016) Roxy said:
Why is my gas ring making an airy noise



Watch out: TURN OFF THE GAS RIGHT AWAY as your system could be unsafe.

Typical causes of the noise you describe at a gas burner include

1. the burner cap is askew and simply needs to be properly placed

2. The burner ring is a loose, set-in type that is askew and simply needs to be properly placed

3. The gas pressure is improperly set or the gas regulator is not working properly

4. An air adjustment, shutter, or orifice is incorrect for the type of gas you're using

5. the wrong gas regulator is installed, wrong gas orifices, or the appliance was not properly converted from natural gas to LP gas or from LP gas to natural gas.

Question: airy sound with flame

(July 17, 2016) ponni said:
while swith off the gas stove airy sound with flame is produced even though we bought a new gas stove we still facing the same problem why?


first check for a burner cap that is askew
Next, ask your service tech to check

that the stove is properly set up for the type of gas you have : Natural gas vs LP gas. The pressures, orifices, regulator settings are different. (Search InspectApedia for GAS APPLIANCE CONVERT LP-NATURAL GAS to read details)


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Or see GAS REGULATOR NOISES - buzzing, humming, and other noises at gas appliance regulators

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