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Q&A on how to detect & fix well pump circuits

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Well pump wiring diagnosis & repair questions & answers:

Frequently-asked questions about how to diagnose and fix problems with a water pump or well pump electrical wiring.

This article series describes troubleshooting a submersible well pump that was causing tripped circuit breakers and that pumped water only at a slow, reduced rate and pressure.

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Electrical Wiring Damage Causing Water Pump Malfunctions: breaker or fuse trip/blow, poor or weak pump performance

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Questions & answers about how to fix problems in well pump wiring, posted originally at WATER PUMP WIRING DAMAGE

On2017-05-31 by fred mullins

My control box is approx. 275' from power supply. it has worked for years with with 8-2 w/g in-ground wire in pvc elec.pipe. The breaker started tripping,i changed the control box,pressure switch and breaker switch. nothing helped so i called the well people that i have used before he stated there was a break somewhere in the 250' line and charged me $150.00.

I dug until i found the break,repaired the break and checked everything but the breaker kept tripping. i wanted to know if i could place a breaker at the end of the line where i made the repair to see if the wire was good to there from my breaker in my breaker box. Thank You

On2017-05-15 by (mod)


I don't think increasing the pressure control switch setting (search using the search box above for PRESSURE CONTROL SWITCH ADJUSTMENT) will help in this case: if the pump and water supply were able to deliver more water pressure they'd do so. More likely there is a problem with the pump or the well has lost water.

So instead, try using the search box to find our article on DIAGNOSE LOST WATER PRESSURE to see the common causes and cures. Take a look at that information, then don't hesitate to ask further questions and I'll do my best.


On2017-05-14 2by tybird

pump is only holding 15 lbs.of pressure and going on and off often. how do raise pressure setting?

On2017-03-05 by (mod)

See for help diagnosing weak or no water pressure, as there could be any of several causes.

On2017-03-04 by Daniel Solomon

The pump power is weak, as the sound justifies and no water is pumped up.

On2017-03-02 by Chris

The circuit breaker in the control box of my Water pump tripped of at about 20seconds
once the power is switch on

On2017-02-17 by Leonard

I recently bonsai led a pedrollo water pump but it starts n swiches off tii often without pumping out water from a tank

On2016-11-29 by louis

I let these people stay here and when I came back my fuse box was disconnected from the tank and breaker switch how hard is it to resemble I'm also putting in a new bladder tank

On2016-11-21 by Margot

My hot water heater quit working this weekend and now my well pump keeps tripping my circuit breaker?

On2016-11-15 by (mod)

Anon the probabilities are a failing pump motor, an overheating pump (low voltage), shorting (dangerously unsafe) electrical wiring. An electrician would probably check the current draw: high amps may point to a failing motor or bearing.

On2016-11-15 by Anonymous

My well keeps tripping the circuit breaker. Sometimes it lasts a day & other times it has to be reset several times a minute or an hour. Any ideas? Do you think I need a new pump?
Thanks, Mary Ellen

On2016-10-25 by (mod)

LEAVE THE PUMP OFF Mejumaa as you are describing an overcurrent or short circuit that could cause a fire. You need to inspect the circuit, wiring, fusing, and then pull the pump and inspect it for having seized.

On2016-10-25 by Mejumaa mwachirero

The pump doesn't give water and when connect the fuse on sollatek it's burning.please help me to solve the problem.

On2016-08-27 by (mod)


Ask your electrician to check the pump circuit wiring, connections, and current draw when you try to start the pump. It sounds as if there is a wiring error or broken wire or pump is mis-wired.

On2016-08-26 by Nicole

Electric is on. Two wires go to pump, both 110 - puts out 220 to pump. Pump still will not turn on. Tried direct line from panel to pump - still wont turn on. We also tried a brand new pump, still nothing. Havent had water in 2 days. Help!

On2016-08-24 by (mod)

I can't say from just your e-text, ram. Your electrician might disconnect wiring at the breaker, then see if the breaker will re-set. Or try using a different breaker of proper size and rating. If the breaker resets when not connected to the pump circuit but trips when connected that's a rather strong indication of a shorted circuit or pump motor.

Yes a lightning strike can damage a well pump, wiring, or even the well casing.

On2016-08-24 by 1953ram

breaker won't reset on well pump ? is it a bad breaker or bad pump ?

On2016-04-25 by DRGO

Is it possible for burnt cable wires (10/3 yellow pump cable) to create a spark/fire in my water well that later created a rip in the casing that allowed clay and sand to disable the pump? Could the burnt wire be weather-related such as a lighting strike?

On2016-04-17 by (mod)


I think you are describing a short circuit to ground (earth). You need to find the damaged wiring or wiring error and repair it. By testing each segment of the system separated from the others you ought to find the problem.

On2016-04-17 by kamran

earth leakage breaker settings and repeat trip as new submersible pump trouble shoot repeat earth leakage breaker trip found no short in pump motor or cable

On2016-04-16 by (mod)


It is possible to measure for conductivity between two wires that should not be connected: if an ohmmeter measures low or zero resistance then the wires are shorted together. The pump may or may not be involved, depending on where the short occurred. I'd remove the pump and wires, fix the wires, test the pump and replace it if needed.

On2016-04-16 by Anonymous

I was told that my electric wires that run the well pump shorted and burnedout the pump. How do they know this if they haven't fixed the electrical wires?

On2016-02-25 by franklin

How do I extend the pump wire from the pressure tank. I'm trying to move the pressure tank but I do not have enough wire from the tank to move it.

On2016-01-24 by (mod)

Your well may be connected to a pressure tank and pump and controls in a well pit. They won't be actually buried.

On2016-01-23 by Stephanie

We have not had water for 3 days. Went under the house looking for tank or circuit breaker for well can not find them. Could they be underground?

On2016-01-03 by (mod)


A pump that chatters at the pressure shut-off end of the cycle may have

- a burned or damaged pressure switch
- be set to a pressure too close to the pump's upper limit of pressure pumping ability
- something else I've not thought of;

more about this problem can be found by searching for FAQs about INTERMITTENT PUMP CYCLING

On2016-01-01 by george

Once my pressure hits its high it starts clicking off and on ??

On2015-12-12 by (mod)

Not enough information to diagnose. You need an on-site pump and well service technician.

On2015-12-10 by adedayo

Machine draw power to itself but fail to pump

On2015-11-23 by (mod)


Turn the circuit OFF immediately so that we don't kill someone.

IT sounds as if the wires are nicked or shorted.

With power off your electrician may disconnect the pump circuit at the control relay and then check the wires going to the pump to see if they're shorted together. An internal short in the pump is also possible but less likely.

On2015-11-23 by David Kephart

My well deep well jet pump stopped working thought it was the pump so I replaced it. Put new pump in its not working either. Have power to pump but when I touch the pump I get shocked. My wires run from the house under ground to my pump house. Could I have a break in the wire??

On2015-11-09 by (mod)

Imdeed abrasion of the wire can kill the pump or a person too. When you pull the pump to inspect it check closely the wire throughout the entire route to look for signs of abrasion.

On2015-11-09 by Anonymous

I Replaced wire from pump to well cap the underground wire to pressure switch was not replaced i cut back broken burnt leg the pump works for 4 months then it breaks again pump tech support said it may be hitting up on well case

On2015-11-09 by (mod)

If you are dead sure the wiring is un-damaged from controller to pump then I suspect the problem is a failing pump motor.

On2015-11-09 by John

Well pump one hot leg going to motors burns up this have happen three times in a year cut and replaced wire and happens again

On2015-09-18 by (mod)


If a pump is sometimes able to produce good flow and pressure then the problem is probably not the pump itself.

Could be the well flow rate is poor - the well runs out of water,
check for low voltage

On2015-09-18 by Larry

My pump don't keep up but it don't suck air. Sometimes it runs great and others nope

On2015-08-09 by (mod)


This sounds like a wiring or control hook-up error to me - turn everything off immediately to avoid death by shock hazard.

A careful following of the circuit from panel through control to pump may turn up the trouble.

On2015-08-09 by Doug

I installed new pressure pump and tank, pump and tank was preset at shop where purchased. when I turned power to pump filled tank up with water then when water is used the pump tries to start up it blows the breaker.

On2015-07-18 by Anonymous

Delayed pump starting When the pressure switch closes I get 220v coming out of the switch but it takes about a minute
for the pump to start running and I lose all water pressure. any ideas what problem could be

Question: on-off switch doesn't work

(May 8, 2014) james said:
what is the problem if on/off switch wont function?


James :if you mean the pump won't turn off, in the More Reading links just above see the article titled WATER PUMP WONT STOP RUNNING

Look for an open wire, shorted wires, or if your problem is a wall switch, replace it.

Question: dig up the holding tank?

(Oct 21, 2014) bryab said:
Should I dig up the holding tank ?


Bry - I'm baffled by the question.

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