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Pumptrol® & similar pressure control switch repair kits

  • PUMP PRESSURE SWITCH REPAIR KIT - CONTENTS: Water pressure control switch repair kit permits replacing burned or corroded contact relay points, springs, or other damaged parts; pressure switch repair kits may include both contact points and mounting hardware as well as a replacement pressure control switch sensing diaphragm.
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Pumptrol and similar water pressure control switch repair kits.

This article series describes how to repair a water presure control switch that sticks on, off, or chatters or is otherwise not working properly, causing loss of water pressure or irregular in cycling on and off. We discuss how to diagnose problems with the water pump control and how to fix them by correcting an underlying problem, by replacing a bad pressure control switch, or by replacing switch parts such as bad contacts or diaphragm.

Buy & Install Replacement Parts & Repair Kits for Pumptrol® and Similar Water Pump Control Switches: relays & diaphragm kits

Reader Question: is there a pump control switch repair kit to just replace the contact points?

Is there a kit where you can just replace the contact points only ?
Thanks - R.J. 4 November 2015 [by private email]

Pumptrol relay switch points in new condition (C) Daniel Friedman Pressurtrol pump pressure control switch points in used but good condition (C) Daniel Friedman

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Above are close-up photos of the contact points in a pressure control switch. At above left is a close-up photo of the contact points in a Pumptrol® 9013FSG2J20BP pressure control switch showing them in brand new condition. This is a 20/40 psi (or 138/276 kPa) pressure control switch used on water supply systems. At above right, the switch, recently-installed in a Two Harbors MN home is in good condition. If you click to enlarge the photo you'll see normal wear on the surface of the electrical contacts or points in this Pumptrol® switch by Square D.

Typical arcing burn on a still-functional set of contact points in a pressure control switch (C) Daniel Friedman

Reply: Pumptrol® repair kits from Square D - Schneider Electric

When you are looking for a replacement Pumptrol® switch or repair kit, you may have to speak Pumptrol-ese to the children waiting on you at some suppliers. Just asking for a pressure switch kit may not do the trick. Our photo illustrates where we found a few orphaned Pumptrol® switches and no repair kits in stock at a New York building supplier. You may have better luck at a plumbing supply outlet.

Pumptrol switches on the shelf at HG Page Lumber Supply, Poughkeepsie NY (C) Daniel Friedman

Although a wide range of repair kits for pressure control switches are listed by the manufacturer (Square D or Schneider Electric in the case of the Pumptrol switch), looking in several building supply outlets I could not find a contact-only replacement for Pumptrol® switches, possibly because the disassembly - reassembly is enough trouble that replacement of the whole assembly is more economical. There are also replacements for the bottom pressure switch pressure sensor but the same argument pertains.

Really? When you figure that the contact points kit retails for about $13.00 (U.S.D.) and an entire Pumptrol® switch retails for $16.00 to $17.00 (U.S.D.), and if you picture your plumber or electrician's chubby fingers dropping little spring clips and parts you can guess why some repair folks may prefer to install a whole new pressure control switch. Certainly if your pump pressure controller is wet, rusted, corroded such as the model we show just below, it makes more sense to replace the entire assembly. The details of how to remove and replace a well pump pressure control are at PUMP PRESSURE CONTROL REPLACE for reinstalling the control.

Wet rusted pump pressure control switch (C) Daniel Friedman

However for fellows who don't want to have to remove and replace a pressure switch, here in a table given below is the data you'll need to order a replacement set of contact points or diaphragm included in a typical pressure switch repair kit.

I found some Square-D replacement kits for contact points at Grainger ( such as the kit parts illustrated below. This kit is is Square D part # 9998PC241 that you'll see from the table below is intended to replace contacts in Pressuretrol switches 9013FHG2 through 19, 42 through 49, and all FSG-series pressuretrol switches. Grainger shows just the contact points in this repair kit but the manufacture's repair parts kits table for these switches notes that the Pumptrol repair kit includes both the contact points and a replacement diaphragm. For other pressure switch models you'll need one of the other parts kits shown in the table.

[Click to enlarge any image]

Safety and shock warnings on the cover of a Square D Pumptrol pressure control switch (C) Daniel Friedman & Schneider Electric Contact points replacement kit for Pumptrol pressuretrol switches (some models) available at (C)

Ok so you want to go ahead and replace the contact points in the relay of your pressure control switch, taking note of our warnings above about a bit of fiddling with small parts, and more warnings immediately above (left) about death by electrocution. In the parts explosion photo for the contact relay repair kit you'll see some little parts (connectors and clips circled in red) and the contact point sets (green arrow) you'll want to handle with care - don't lose them or you're sunk.

Grainger describes the pressure switch relay contact repair kit (above right, $13.19 U.S.D.) as follows:

This water pump pressure switch features diaphragm-actuated, standard-action contacts to open on rising pressure, and reverse-action contacts to open on falling pressure. It is designed for direct control of electrically driven pumps and can be used with motor starters to control higher horsepower motors. - Grainger (2015)

Watch Out: Safety warning - Shock Hazards: To remove a pump control/pressure switch remember to turn off electrical power, and using a neon tester or VOM double check to make SURE that electrical power is off, and taped-off so that on one turns it on and causes you to get shocked. Working around electricity and plumbing is particularly dangerous because of the increased chance of touching a live electrical wire while touching grounded plumbing piping.

Below is the complete list of pressure switch repair parts kits provided by Schneider Electric. You'll see that there are four different contact replacement kits depending on which pressure control switch you are repairing.

Pumptrol pressure switch repair kits parts list (C) Schneider Electric Square D at

We asked Schneider electric for advice and received this immediate and helpful reply from Carey Ripple at Square D customer support.

The recommendations for repair are to replace contacts or diaphragms, both of which are included in the replacement contact kit. The only other repair part is the brass fitting for compressor head pressure release on the 9013FHG.:

You can contact Schneider, the owner of the SquareD brand that produces these switches to ask directly where you might buy a repair kit, and - do keep me informed as what you learn will help other readers. Here's the company's contact information as well as a link to a troubleshooting guide for these pressure control switches.

Photo of the mounting screws holding the contact points assembly in a Pumptrol pressure control switch (C) Daniel Friedman

Above you can see the two screws that hold the contact point assembly in place in the pressure control switch.

Top view of assembled contact points in a Schneider Electric Square D Pumptrol pressure control switch (C) DanieL Friedman

Click to enlarge the photo above to see the contact points assembly in place in the pressure control switch.


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