GTE Sylvania Zinsco Electric Meter BaseHow to Identify Zinsco & GTE Sylvania-Zinsco & Kearney Electrical Meter Base & Main Switch

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This article describes electric meter bases of the Zinsco design made by GTE / Sylvania / Zinsco and by Kearney.

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IDENTIFY Kearney or Zinsco Sylvania Electric Meter Base & Main Switch Combo

This website discusses the electrical, fire, and shock hazards associated with Zinsco electrical components, circuit breakers, electrical panels, including certain Sylvania electrical panels and breakers which are in fact of the same product design and origin.

400A Zinsco in a Georgia kitchen (C) D Friedman, J Stiff 400A Zinsco in a Georgia kitchen (C) D Friedman, J Stiff

Above, courtesy of Judd Stiff, we include photographs of a Zinsco-Sylvania electric meter base. At the right of our left-most photo (above left) you can see the interior of the Zinsco main service disconnect switches.

At our closeup (above right) you can see that the electric meter connections have overheated and look burned.

Below is a close-up photograph of connections in a Kearney electrical meter base.

400A Zinsco in a Georgia kitchen (C) D Friedman, J Stiff

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Kearney National, Inc. History

Current Kearney National concerns and related companies:

Kearney National, Inc., 565 Fifth Ave. (4th Floor), New York NY 10017-2143, Tel: 212-661-4600, website: x
Quoting: Kearney-National Inc. manufactures and distributes electrical power distribution products. Its manufactures electronic-parts and electronic switches. Kearney-National Inc. was incorporated in 1963 and is based in New York, New York. [4]

Kearney-National, Inc., 200 Park Ave, New York, NY 10166 Tel: 212-972-9590

National Metering Services in Kearney NJ, National Metering Services Corporate Offices and Certified Meter Testing Facility 163 Schuyler Avenue Box 491, Kearny, New Jersey 07032 Toll Free: 1-888-448-0009 Phone: 201-246-1115 Fax: 201-246-1831, quoting: Business Process Consultancy, Test and Measurement Instrumentation, Database Management, Leak Detection Sprays, Project Planning Consultancy available from National Metering Services based in Kearny, NJ. [6]

Millbank Residential Meter Sockets, Milbank Manufacturing Co. PO Box 419028 Kansas City, MO 64141-6028, Tel: 877-483-5314 [reader suggested that Millbank purchased Kearney): quoting: Milbank residential meter sockets can be installed on homes with light load current requirements of 100 amps, up to the demanding requirements of the largest homes requiring single 320 amp meter sockets or multiple meter sockets feeding multiple service panels.[7]

Patent litigation involving Kearney National gives an interesting insight into a small piece of the company's history. See Helen Wills Strong and Kearney-National, Inc., Plaintiffs-Appellants, v.General Electric Company, Defendant-Appellee., 434 F.2d 1042 (5th Cir. 1971) [3]

Zinsco Electrical Panel Article Series


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