Super Chimney 629 or 650-C Flue (C) Carson Dunlop Associates Basic Properties of Super Chimneys,
629 Chimneys or 650-C

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This article describes 650-C chimneys, also called Super Chimneys designed for use with wood stoves and wood burning appliances.

This article series on chimneys, chimney construction, and chimney safety provide detailed suggestions describing how to perform a thorough visual inspection of chimneys for safety and other defects.

Chimney inspection methods and chimney repair methods are also discussed. Page top illustration of a 650-C chimney courtesy Carson Dunlop Associates.

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Super Chimneys, 629 Chimneys or 650-C Chimneys Replace Class-A Metal Chimneys & Flues

Selkirk 650C type chimney with cathedral ceiling support box - Selkirk Canada

A 650-C Chimneys are required for use with wood burning stoves and, as Carson Dunlop's sketch explains, they have replaced Class A metal chimneys.

Type 650-C chimneys, also called Super Chimneys are tested for fire safety to 2000 deg.F. and provide an extra measure of fire safety.

Image at left: Selkirk 650C-rated insulated chimney installed using a cathedral ceiling support box.

650C chimneys, developed ca. 1983, are insulated and designed to withstand continuous flue gas temperatures of 650 degrees or less.

650-C chimneys are considered a suitable alternative to masonry chimneys used to vent woodstoves, heating appliances (boilers, furnaces, water heaters), and fireplaces.

Watch out: typically a 650-C chimney requires a 2-inch clearance to combustible framing or other combustibles. Depending on local building code approval, this distance can be reduced by appropriate heat shielding.

The 650-C or Super Chimnney is designed to resist corrosion both by its material and by the use of insulation that, by maintaining internal flue temperatures at a higher level (not as cooled by outside air) reduces the degree of condensation on the chimney flue interior.

Since Type A chimneys were discontinued for these applications after 1983 (to 1990 - citation needed), those venting systems are commonly replaced by a 650C chimney. [Type A chimneys do not have the same temperature tolerance and do not comply with current building codes in North America.]

Selkirk offers some important heating appliance and chimney safety advice concerning the 650C chimney illustrated above:

All chimneys should be inspected at least once a year to determine that their physical integrity is being maintained. The need for chimney maintenance also depends on the kind of appliance and how it is operated.

Wood and coal-burning appliances may need a great deal of chimney maintenance. Open front fireplaces without doors usually dilute their smoke with large amounts of air. Thus the buildup of chimney deposits is generally very low.

“Air tight” or controlled draft wood stoves and heaters produce dense smoke if they are loaded for long duration or overnight fires, and can rapidly produce heavy, thick creosote deposits. It is possible, by having a short duration daily hot fire, to burn off these deposits or prevent them from building up to dangerous levels.

This takes skillful operation and an appreciation of how to get the correct temperature. - Selkirk [1]

Definition of "Factory Built Chimney"

Factory-built chimney means a chimney consisting entirely of factory-made parts, each designed to be assembled with the other without requiring fabrication on site. - 11/13/2013

Super Chimney or 650C Chimney Product Sources & Standards


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