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Guides to Water Softener Controls, Adjustments & Installation, Maintenance & Service or Repair

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Water Softener Operating & Maintenance Manuals & Guides

Where to find the manual for your water conditioner or water softener.

Direct links to free, download-able water softener manuals or water conditioner manuals for many water softener brands & models.

Select the correct installation or operation & repair manual for your water softener brand and model to be sure that you have exactly the right instructions for installing, maintaining, or troubleshooting your water conditioner.

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Water Softener Installation, Operation & Service / Repair Manuals

Water conditioner control valve (C) D Friedman B B

Water conditioner or water softener manuals and instructions for programming their controls as well as for their service and repair are listed here alphabetically.


The following list of water softener or water conditioner manuals is alphabetical; or use your browser's on-page search feature to find the name of your water softener in this article. [Command-F on a Mac or Ctrl-F on a PC]

AquaAmerica / AquaSoft / Aqua Systems water softener manuals

Autotrol Pentair Water Softeners & Water Conditioner Manuals, Logix™ Controllers

Clack Corporation Water Softeners & Control Valves & Manuals

Culligan Water Softener Manuals

Cuno Water Softener Manuals

Fleck 2150 Water Softener control head at

Fleck / Pentair, water conditioner & Control Valve Manuals

GE General Electric Water Conditioners, Water Softener & Control Manuals

IBC Water Softeners

Ionics Water Softener Manuals

Kenmore Water Softeners (Sears) Water Softener Manuals

Kinetico Water Softener Manuals

Master Water Conditioners / Water Softeners

Master Water Conditioner No. 155 control head (C) DG

Above: photo of the control head for the Master 155 Series Water Conditioner. Photos & manuals of this Master Water Softener were provided courtesy of InspectApedia reader Dean Grantham (October 2017).

Typical somewhat generic water softener control head used on the Master Water Conditioner Water Softner Model 155 ca 1990 (C)

Above: sketch showing the key controls on the control head for the Master 155 Series Water Conditioner.

Master water conditioner control detail (C) DG

Above, control detail for Master 155 Series water conditioner.

Morton Brand Water Softener Manuals

Osmonics, Inc., Aquat Water Softener Control Manuals

Osmnonicxs, Inc., this seems to be a generic part and system used across a variety of re-branded water conditioners and includes references to Noryl, a General Electric trademark

Also see Autotrol manuals above on this page.

Rain Soft Water Softener Manuals

Supreme brand water softeners & water treatment equipment

Several companies distributing water equipment use the word "supreme" such as

Un-Branded or Generic Water Softener Controls & Manuals

These are sold under a variety of water softener brands or names, often with the same model numbers as given below

Model 9000 Water Softener at

Model 9100 Water Softener at Model 9200 Water Softener at

US Filter Water Softener Manuals

Water Boss Water Softener Manuals

WaterCare Water Softener Manuals

Water Right Water Softener Manuals

Western Water Products Water Softeners & Manuals

Question: where to find manuals for a Western Water Products water softener

(July 6, 2015) Guy said:

I don't see mention of the main dial settings on my unit which you illustrate at the top ( showing "inserv". There are several settings like backwash reg, brine wash and a couple of others I think.

What do each of them do, when should I use them and what is the regular setting that the unit should be on. Mine is a Western Water Product again similar to the picture but does anyone know where to get a manual online? Thanks for the help on the settings.



I can see why you're asking, Western Water Products is a bear to find and contact, and offers no online manuals and a website that barely works. But contact them directly.
Western Water Products, who makes your water softener, will be glad to give you an instruction manual for your model, most likely at no charge.
Western Water Products 6060 Enterprise Drive, Diamond Springs, CA 95619 USA Phone: 800-828-2005 Fax: 530-626-7178 [their website is nearly a secret but is at ]

Or if you bought a unit from the WY company they have a similar name:
Western Water Conditioning, Inc., 1310 N Garner Lake Rd - PO Box 2470, Gillette, WY 82717-2470 Phone: 1-307-682-5583 Toll Free in Wyoming 800-445-3100 Fax: 1-307-682-6290

Whirlpool Water Softener Manuals & Guides

WTF Water Softener Manuals


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