Photo of Moldy drywall in a basement following a basement flooding event (C) Daniel FriedmanReferences on Mold Prevention and Flood Damage
Mold hazard identification & remediation

  • FLOOD DAMAGE REFERENCES - CONTENTS: Reference documents for flood & storm damage assessment & cleanup. List of documents with techniques for mold cleanup, mold prevention, mold inspection & test procedures
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This article lists references sources for dealing with flood damage to buildings, safe entry to flooded buildings, and cleaning or preventing mold in flooded buildings. If your building has been flooded, this website provides an easy to understand guide for flood damage assessment, setting priorities of action, safety, and we provide special information about avoiding or minimizing mold damage.

These are quick, simple steps to minimize mold damage in a flooded building. We also list after-flood "anti-mold" procedures that do not work or are unsafe - to help you avoid unnecessary expense in dealing with mold after a building flood.

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REFERENCES and Information Sources for Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Storm & Wind Damaged Building Assessment, Cleanup, Repair, & Future Damage Prevention

Collapsing building © Daniel FriedmanIf your building is already moldy or if you suspect mold related illness in your building, we link to a step by step Mold Action Guide dealing with toxic or allergenic indoor mold and other indoor contaminants: when and how to inspect or test for mold, when to hire an expert, how to clean up a moldy area, when and how to perform post-remediation mold testing.

If your septic system has been flooded we link to an article outlining what to do about that system as well. Extensive, technically detailed in-depth articles on other mold detection, testing, and prevention methods are organized at our Mold Information Center Extensive, technically detailed in-depth articles on other mold detection, testing, and prevention methods are organized at our Mold Information Center.

Flood Preparedness and Safety

The American Red Cross and local emergency managers conduct sessions to increase public awareness and to educate the community in ways to prevent, prepare for, and cope with emergencies. Local emergency managers also sponsor public meetings on damage reduction, safety, response planning, how to handle stress, and other flood-related topics.

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Flood Damaged Building Inspection, Repair, Damage Prevention


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