Photovoltaic panels on utility poles, Haddonfield NJ (C) Daniel FriedmanSolar Module Manufacturers List: Photo-Voltaic PV Module Electrical Power Shopping Guide

  • SOLAR MODULE MANUFACTURERS - CONTENTS: Guide to buying photovoltaic power supplies for solar energy systems. Photographs of photovoltaic solar panel installations. Solar Energy Articles - Renewable energy techniques for homeowners.

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Where to buy solar power modules:

Here we provider a list and contact information for manufacturers of solar modules: photovoltaic electrical power supply products used in solar energy systems.

Our page top photograph shows photovoltaic panels installed on utility poles in Haddonfield, NJ, a community where extensive use of solar energy is supported.

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Solar Modules & Photovoltaic Power Supplies for Solar Systems

List of Current Manufacturers of Photovoltaic PV Solar Modules

As of November 2010 we found the following manufacturers and websites for solar modules. Some of these manufacturers also produce solar cells. Countries represented among this list of solar module manufacturers include Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Greece, Japan, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK), United States (USA). Generally all of these companies distribute their products world-wide.

Solar Brand
Solar Brand
Air Therm Aten Solar
Atersa Atlantis
BP Solar Canrom
Conergy Duravolt (watch out for misdirecting ad websites)
Energie Bau, Kolm (EBK) Eurosolare
Evergreen Solar GPV
GE Energy    
Heliodinamics Helios Technology
IBC ICP Solar http://www.icpsolarcom/
Isofoton Kaneka
Kurzsolar Kyocera Solar
Mitsubhish Electric Mitsubishi Heavy
MSK Matrixc Photowatt
Schott Solar Sanyo Solar
Sharp Solara
Solar-Fabrik Solarwatt
SolarPort See Brunton: Solarwerk
SolarWorld Solmec
Solon AG SunPower (Spain)
Sunpower SunSet
Suntech Power Sunware
Total Energie Uni-Solar
Webasto Yingli Solar

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