photo of a septic effluent filter system-photo adapted from US EPA Where to Buy Septic Filters & Graywater Filters

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Where to buy septic filters & graywater filters:

This document provides product names and sources for septic effluent filter systems and graywater filter systems to protect the septic drainfield or absorption system from clogging. Septic filters, such as greywater filters, washing machine filters, and filters at the effluent outlet of a conventional septic tank protect the septic leach field.

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Product Source List for Septic Filters & Graywater Filters

Also see Septic Media Filter Source List for purchasing media filters & equipment

Media filter systems (for effluent treatment) are discussed at Using Septic Media Filters as Components of Alternative Septic Systems for Difficult Sites. Also see FILTERS SEPTIC & GREYWATER for an explanation of septic filter devices for tanks and drywells.

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