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Collapsing chimney hazards:

How to assess the risk of chimney collapse: what causes chimneys to collapse ro fall down?

This article describes the causes of collapsing chimneys of all types.

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Chimney Collapse Hazards & Chimney Support & Bracing Requirements

Depending chimney height and on where and how they were constructed, both masonry and metal chimneys both may require lateral support (ties to the building) as well as bracing at the rooftop to avoid the very serious hazards of collapsing chimneys. A collapsing chimney is not just a potential fire or carbon monoxide risk.

The heavy weight of collapsing masonry chimneys can be fatal if they fall onto occupants. Chimneys may collapse from any of a number of reasons:

What do you need to read next about chimney collapse hazards?

In the articles just below we describe chimney defects, movement, cracking, collapse, and repair/support requirements for both masonry and metal chimneys.

List of Detailed Articles about Collapsing Chimneys & Chimney Bracing

Readers should also see CHIMNEY INSPECTION from GROUND where we describe other very significant and see Chimney Cracks, Separation, Movement.

These articles on chimneys and chimney safety provide detailed suggestions describing how to perform a thorough visual inspection of chimneys for safety and other defects. Chimney inspection methods and chimney repair methods are also discussed.


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