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  • HEALTH-RELATED NOISE PERCEPTION - CONTENTS: health & hearing-related complaints about building & house noises: sources of medically- or pshycologicvally, or hearing-disability-related noise issues & strategies for dealing with them.
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Health & hearing noise complaints: building noise troubleshooting: Information is provided about auditory (hearing), visual, historic, medical, or other clues of building condition that explain various sounds heard in buildings.

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Health, Neurological, and Psychologically-Related Noise Complaints in buildings

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Here we provide a summary of key points you should consider.

Health related noise and apparent noise sources can involve common aging or hearing disorders, dementia, or other serious medical conditions.

Other medical conditions: If you or someone you are assisting is disturbed by noises whose presence is not verified by independent third parties, we recommend that you or the noise-disturbed person check with their physician. In addition to careful medical examination, use of hearing aids or a white noise machine may assist in these cases.
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Hearing Disabilities and Building Noises

Hearing Disabilities and the ability to identify and track the source of noises in buildings can be difficult for the hearing impaired.

Even when a noise is present at a discernable level, a person with hearing impairment may have difficulty accurately pointing to the direction from which a noise is emanating. If you are hearing impaired or working with someone who is, recruit additional help from others and don't forget to consider that the apparent direction or source of a noise could be quite mistaken.

Also don't forget to check hearing aids themselves for noise sources; a poorly-fitting or low battery hearing aid may squawk, shriek, or emit periodic chimes, beeps, or with the newest units even voices announcing "low battery".


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