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This article explains choosing water tests to check for the presence of pesticide chemicals in drinking water wells.Be sure to review actual parameters with your home inspector or laboratory: parameters and costs vary.

The example water test fees shown here includes a base collection fee plus the actual lab costs for the specific water tests performed. Note that some water test companies and private water test collectors will add a markup on lab costs.

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Pesticides Contamination- water test parameters - how to check for pesticide contaminants in drinking water

Sketchof a drawdown test for a water well (C) Carson Dunlop AssociatesWatch out: There are at least two different pesticide tests which check drinking water for the presence of chemicals used during two different eras of pesticides in common use in North America.

So depending on the age of the property and when pesticides may have been applied, you want to be sure to order the correct pesticide screening test.

This website describes the types of water testing available, outlines common water test fees, describes the details of what parameters are included in various water test options, and gives advice to assist you in deciding what tests to order.

The list of test parameters below is a typical selection for water supply when there is reason to suspect contamination by pesticides.

Wells near golf courses, on farms, or at older homes which were treated or suspected of having been treated for insect pests are candidates for this procedure. Note: these water tests and water test laboratory fees will vary depending on lab chosen and subject to lab rate changes without notice.

Be sure to review actual parameters with your home inspector or laboratory: parameters and costs vary.


Water Test Parameters for Pesticide Contaminants

Water Analysis 












Endosulfan I

Endosulfan II

Endosulfan Sulfate


Endrin Aldehyde


Heptachlor Epoxide



What drinking water contamination tests should you order? This article explains the general classes of water contaminants covered in a water test for pesticides or pesticide contamination. Be sure to review the pesticide test alternatives with your water test consultant or lab.


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