Thermal splitting of fiberglass-based asphalt roof shingles was particularly common for product manufactured in the early 1990's. Asphalt Shingle & Other Roofing Material Testing Labs & Services

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Roof shingle testing laboratory testing services:

This article lists roof materials testing services and laboratories useful for testing roof shingles and other roof coverings for durability, wind uplift, granule loss, roof covering chemistry, and similar parameters.

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Directory of Roofing Shingle Testing Laboratories

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Roof shingle testing laboratories support roofing manufacturers by testing shingle samples from the production line to maintain shingle quality control and to avoid manufacturing defects. These same laboratories may provide independent test services to roof failure investigators and insurance companies who are examining roofs for hail damage, storm damage, or other failures that may include defective roofing products.

If your roofing problem is a concern about

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Simple roof shingle tests performed by many labs may include moisture and density - in my opinion tests of questionable utility in assessing the cause of a roof failure. Tests of weight and tear resistance and impact resistance and low temperature flexibility are also peformed. A more complex asphalt shingle test performed by some roof shingle testing laboratories is the desaturation test. This procedure analyzes the extent of loss of asphalt from the shingle substrate. As roof shingles age the volatiles are lost from the original asphalt impregnation of the shingle substrate (organic or fiberglass). As the asphalt ages it becomes more dry and brittle and loses some of its adhesive properties.

Roofing tests are guided by a near deluge of ASTM standards - please see STANDARDS for ROOFING. For example (from the complete list given at my link at left)

The asphalt roof shingle desaturation test may look at

Watch out: a desaturation test evaluates the condition of the shingle and may help assess its remaining life but the test alone, without an expert on-site inspection of the building and all roof surfaces, is in my opinion not a complete diagnostic of the cause of roof wear nor an assessment of the condition of the whole roof. Other critical information is observed on-site such as the condition of different roof slopes exposed to different conditions, variation in roofing over the same roof surfaces, building moisture, roof ventilation, even basement water entry or a history of ice dams that affect roof life. Other critical factors such as original shingle materials and shingle type, thickness, storage conditions, and plies or shingle design are crucial considerations that must be included in any roof assessment of life, condition, cause of damage, etc. is an independent publisher of building, environmental, and forensic inspection, diagnosis, and repair information for the public - we have no business nor financial connection with any manufacturer or service provider discussed at our website.

Below we list a variety of roof and roofing product testing laboratories who offer roofing durability testing, impact testing, and other roofing material tests.

Laboratories Specializing in Asphalt Roofing Product Testing

Other Roofing Materials & Roof Shingle Test Labs

For Materials, Equipment and Devices Relating to Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance and for Impact Resistant Roofing Materials. Unless otherwise indicated, companies in this list are approved by the Texas Department of Insurance for testing the impact resistance of roofing products. Some of these laboratories offer a wider range of roofing product testing besides impact resistance.

NOTE: listing for Architectural Testing Inc. applies only to the testing of roofing products to determine compliance with UL Standard 2218.

Testing Laboratoratories Serving a Wider Audience than Roofing Products & Roofing Industry Manufacturers

Asphalt Roofing & Roof Shingle Testing Research

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