Lab microscope and camera (C) Daniel FriedmanLab Procedures for Mold & IAQ Contaminants

  • FORENSIC LAB TECHNICAL PROCEDURES - CONTENTS: Technical Laboratory Procedures when Testing for Mold and other Indoor Environment or Air Quality IAQ Contaminants. Mold test lab procedures. Mold cleanup or remediation procedures - testing for post mold remediation clearance
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Technical Procedures for Building Investigation & Forensic Microscopy:

This article series answers most questions on what to do about mold, providing expert, un-biased information for owners, occupants, inspectors.

How to recognize mold, how to test mold, how to clean up or remove mold, how to prevent mold in buildings, and what mold related illnesses and symptoms have been reported are all discussed in depth.

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Forensic & Environmental Test Lab Technical Procedures & SOPs

Photograph of preparation of a microscope slide using Cargille's MeltmountForensic Particle Analysis Technical & Laboratory Procedures

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Good Laboratory and Microscope Procedures are critical in making sense of environmental test field samples just as good and thorough field investigations produce more useful results than a quick "air test for mold" or "culture test for mold" performed with no building inspection and no client history collection.

Competent, trained, experienced aerobiologists, mycologists, and microbiologists can identify mold or other particle sample contents with good accuracy.

Depending on the experience of the laboratory, it is also possible to interpret the meaning of the sample for the building and its occupants.

Laboratory professionals who have also performed the field inspection can make useful extrapolations from lab results. Hasty work by disinterested parties may be less than accurate or useful for building occupants and owners.

Lab microscope and camera (C) Daniel Friedman

What to do about mold in buildings

HIRE AN EXPERT - Do you need to hire a mold expert, bring in a mold remediator, hire a handyman, or clean up for yourself?

See WHEN TO HIRE A MOLD EXPERT for details about how to decide when hiring a mold expert is justified and appropriate.

See MOLD INSPECTORS & MOLD TESTERS for a list of mold investigators whose work is familiar to us. Other mold investigators and test consultants may also be competent and qualified.

MOLD CLEANUP GUIDE- HOW TO GET RID OF MOLD gives basic advice for a do-it-yourself mold cleanup project.

Detailed guidance about what to do about mold is provided at ACTION GUIDE - WHAT TO DO ABOUT INDOOR MOLD.

Photo of a wet moldy crawl space: We go to find mold reservoirs in locations where no one else wants-to enter.

MOLD TEST PROCEDURES - Valid and in-valid mold testing methods & protocols.

This expert-recommended mold test kit is cheap and yet top performing *IF* you use a competent analysis laboratory!Are some mold test kits junk science?

Please see


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