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Decorative chimney pots also extend the chimney height and may improve draft

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Chimney pots & decorative tops:

This article describes chimney pots: the decorative and also functional topmost extension of (usually) masonry chimneys and flues. The page top photo illustrates a complex of 18 close-set chimney pots and chimney tops on a London (England) building.

This article series discusses chimney cap & crown types, choices, & defects, and we cite pertinent chimney top cap / crown building codes & standards for fire and other safety concerns.

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Decorative Chimney Pots also Extend Chimney Height

Decorative chimney pots in Boston MA (C) Daniel Friedman Decorative chimney rain caps / crowns (C) Carson Dunlop Associates

As we defined at CHIMNEY CAP & CROWN DEFINITIONS, the term "chimney pot" is used to describe a decorative rain cap assembly on the top of a chimney, covering its flue and in some cases covering both the flue itself and the entire chimney top, including the chimney flue and chimney cap/crown. Typically the chimney pot also adds height to the top of the chimney flue and it may improve chimney performance as well.

Our photo (above left) of a Boston Massachusetts chimney top and Carson Dunlop Associates' sketch at above right illustrates a typical chimney pot design, a decorative treatment used at the top of (usually masonry) chimneys.

A chimney pot is often cast of concrete or constructed of fired clay in a decorative design as we illustrate further below.

What is not clear in the Carson Dunlop sketch but what you will see in our photographs below, is that most decorative chimney tops, caps, or crown assemblies cover the flue and include rain cap protection as part of their design.

Also see Ceramic Roofware in our references section at the end of this article. [24]

Decorative chimney pots atop the Gaudi apartments, Barcelona (C) Daniel Friedman Birds atop a chimney pot in Oxford in the U.K. (C) Daniel Friedman

From the ground we cannot ascertain the condition of the rain cap, actual flue vent opening, nor how well the chimney crown/cap is sealed around this pair of metal chimney extensions.

At above right, magpies are inspecting the chimney pots atop a chimney at Somerville College in Oxford, U.K. Or maybe they were warming themselves in the chilly morning air or perhaps just enjoying their commanding view of Somerville College.

Our photos (above left and below left) of decorative custom-cast concrete chimney pots or decorative chimney crowns (in some people's usage) illustrates the combination of rain-cap and complete chimney flue and crown covering offered by chimney pots designed by Gaudi and found on the top of the Gaudi apartment house in Barcelona, Spain.

Decorative chimney tops at the Gaudi Apartment building in Barcelona (C) Daniel Friedman

Those "eye' shaped openings visible in these decorative chimney crown assemblies are the actual vents, while a domed top offers rain protection for the chimney flue. The decorative chimney top design used here overhangs the entire chimney side, providing good drip-edge protection for the chimney top and sides. - Photos ©DJF.

Decorative chimney pots / crowns / caps in Boston MA (C) Daniel Friedman Chimney pots on a Maine home (C) Daniel Friedman

The chimney pots at above left, located on a Boston MA building, illustrate a crowded, possibly multi-flue chimney serving multiple apartments in a building. These chimney tops and pots are touching, crowded, some not even vertical, raising a several worries:

Either of these may in turn lead to unsafe chimney flues.

At above right are more distantly-spaced chimnneys and chimney pots on a home in Maine.

Below is a simple chimney pot installed on a New York home in order to improve chimney draft.

Chimney pot addition to an existing masonry chimney (C) D Friedman

Also see CHIMNEY HEIGHT EXTENSIONS for other methods to extend the height of a too-short chimney.

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