Apartment buildings may look crisp outside but individual rental apartments may be discovered by their tenants to have suffered leak damage and extensive hidden mold - here we give some basic advice Building Manager's Guide to Mold in Rental Homes, Apartments, Offices

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Building manager's guide to mold contamination:

This document discusses explains why building managers or landlords are sometimes reluctant to face a mold problem and offers advice to both building owners and tenants about these worries.

We discuss what to expect the rental property managers to do if they are going to address a mold problem properly, and what the rental apartment tenant needs to watch out for during a mold investigation and mold remediation of their home.

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Building management reluctance to address mold problems in Rental Properties

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Mold cleanup cost concerns: Sometimes a building management is reluctant to face the expense and trouble of handling leaks and mold contamination correctly.

Correct response to mold in a rental property might require a (costly) thorough building survey, evaluation, diagnosis of problem areas and their causes and specification of the steps to remedy them, followed by performing of the work followed by clearance inspection and testing by someone not at all connected with the contractors performing the remediation.

It would be rare for a building manager to have such an expert on full-time staff, so hiring an outside expert would be necessary.

Mold fear concenrs: Reluctance of building managers to address mold also comes from the wish to avoid alarming other tenants. In our experience this is always a mistaken notion, as tenants talk to one another anyway, and building-related illness frightens people - fear spreading faster than mold growth.

Accurate information and the assurance that tenant concerns are being handled competently is more effective than other less direct responses by building management.

True cost of improper mold remediation: Half-baked or amateur workmanship risks increasing the ultimate cost to the building management:

In sum, it's least costly in end if mold remediation is performed properly in the first place.

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